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    Birth charts comparisons

    thankyou very much! this was helpful :)
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    How did you get into astrology?

    wow! I actually got into astrology when i was in a difficult relationship with a cancer guy. I couldn't figure out why we were so attracted to each other yet things were hard. one day on yahoo i read a daily horoscope, then i read his too, and i found out that all the guys i dated by then were...
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    Understanding this birth charts.

    I have my birth chart but i dont know how to read it, i gave one of my friends to read it through and he said my sun squaring my moon is a bad aspect. is this true? what other aspects are in it? PlanetAspectPlanetOrb/Value Sun Square Moon 0.5859 SunConjunction Mercury 2.31539 Sun Trine...
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    Birth charts comparisons

    thankyou very much NR, :smile: I will try uploading it, I'm new here and still getting used to the board, as i mess up a little bit. thankyou for directing me. lily:smile:
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    Hi everyone, I go by the names lily,i have just recently been introduced to astrology and i really find it interesting because almost everything about me is always true. i joined this community to learn more and get out anything i can. i look forward to working with you all. lily
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    Birth charts comparisons

    hi guys, can anyone please help me understand this chart. been dating a guy for 3years now, but the relationship is too challeging, so i decided to get our birth charts, but looks like they are too negative. tho am still keeping some hope i would love to know more. Diane Aspect Daniel...
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    understanding birth charts

    hi, I'm really looking foward to knowing my exact time of birth,though i know i was born between 9-10pm. 9 november. i want to know whether you can accurately read someone's birth chart with just the dates , and not including the time. i have tried this and looks like everything i have read...