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    is marriage yoga in kundli?

    when jupiter goes to Virgo sign and mars reaches taurus sign between july 2016 to may 2017 your marriage will happen
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    Which degree should I pursue?

    finance mercury retro going back to scorpio and joining venus in 11th to them is mars rahu saturn ketu in trine to them opposited by mars rahu placed in virgo (mercury sign)
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    When will I get a job?

    before saturn gets retrograde in march this year u have chances to get job
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    will this girl has marriage yoga in her chart

    combination of saturn and ketu in vrischika rasi and mars, moon in trine to them in meena rasi mercury 2nd to saturn and ketu in dhanus definitely indicates some friendships and problems with friendships to face in life...also this combination has moon and mars in meena 5th to them... indicates...