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    Chart ruler Jupiter in detriment inconjunct ascendant

    Hello infest, The ruler of your 1st house is in the 5th house so this would mean that you direct your energies to attain what you personally want to what your hearts desires are.
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    Will I have a lot of difficulties in life?

    Hello ririchie, You may find it difficult to let go of past trauma which might make things difficult because you have the ruler of 3rd house for thoughts in the 8th house of trauma. Also, the ruler of the 8th house is Mercury so this might make it easier for you to get stuck on things
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    6th House & 12th House & Modern Day Slavery Associations

    Hello jupiter asc, Could forcing someone into slavery also have to do with the 8th house? For example, jupiter in the 8th house can give a strong sense of entitlement which can mean using people for own benefit without any regard for the needs of the other person?
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    Burden, toxic life, deeply

    Hello miod, Your 6th house ruler of work is in the 4th house so it would make sense for you to feel more comfortable working at home and in your home country. Your 6th house work ruler is being trined by transit uranus until next year for a good chance to find a good job for your self.
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    Can someone help read my chart for fertility/future child(ren) please?

    Hello osamenor, I got this from a transit astrology book but I cannot remember the title. Slow moving planet means jupiter and beyond which is able to go back and forth over the natal planet and give time for developments to happen with the help of the fast moving personal planets in transit...
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    Can someone help read my chart for fertility/future child(ren) please?

    Hello scwink, You cannot get pregnant until a slow moving planet makes an aspect to your ruler of the 4th house which is neptune and you need the ruler of the 5th house aspected by a slow moving planet to give birth which for you is mars.
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    Will I become famous?

    Hello Joshua, Maybe for your work you will be famous as 6th house ruler is in 12th house
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    Feeling like I need to change my college major.

    Hello forgotten warrior, This would make sense because the moon changes mood a lot until you find something you emotionally connect to.
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    This is my chart

    Hello blackrose, Transit uranus as ruler of your first house of going for what you want is squaring your natal venus which rules your 4th house for being a mother. Maybe this is why your thinking about motherhood. This transit last for another year so I think you will be thinking about it a lot...
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    Introverted vs extroverted me

    Hello leojeo, Your 7th house ruler is the moon in 10th house and your 8th house ruler is the sun in 7th house and they are square each other. Maybe there is tension in you when you meet people about how they can help you with your life path as well as have nice relationship with them
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    why do i attract unwanted attention? attract ppl who stalk me, keep tabs, haters, etc? birth chart attached!

    Hello makeupch, I have heard that when sagitarius is on the 8th house it can mean that you can force people into your own wants or other people can force you to their own wants. You have pluto in the 8th house opposite jupiter which makes it even more strong in its energy for forcing things.
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    Who’s in charge here? Would this cluster mess be the reason I don’t feel my sun very much?I miss creativity! Does the Libra house ruler weaken it?

    Hello mad madam, All of your 5th house planets for creativity are ruled by venus in the 7th house so maybe you need a partner to feel creative.
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    Pls help me figure out what’s going on in my life

    Hello itsashlee, Saturn will be finished with venus opposition no later than a week because it is already on 26 degrees. When jupiter trines your venus in a couple of months that will last a week too so that won't give you too many worries too.
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    Pls help me figure out what’s going on in my life

    Hello its ashlee, At the moment you are getting a brief opposition from saturn to the ruler of your 7th house so not much for relationships. Soon your career ruler the sun will get a brief square from jupiter but then a longer lasting sextile from jupiter in the second half of the year which...
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    Placements indicating study habits and details about my possible educational path?

    Hello forgotten warrior, Maybe you can try studying therapist because your 9th house of education is ruled by the moon and it is in the 8th house of helping people to heal.
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    Negative thinking and Negative self talk

    Hello clip, Your 3rd house is ruled by pluto so it would make sense for you to have dark thoughts that are self defeating and looking for bad signs for bad things to come to you.
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    Why am I being perceived as trustworthy and/or charming by other people?

    Hello forgotten warrior, Your venus and neptune is in intercepted aquarius. Do you have a secret self that you don't show people that are in your life?
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    Should i be worried about having a Stellium in my 2nd house

    Hello astral being, Sometimes the 2nd house with a lot of planets can mean you are scared of people getting close to you and very protective of yourself and needing a lot of privacy.
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    do we have a chance or am I delusional ???

    I think that uranus and saturn is going to put a lot of pressure on your synastry when it gets to the middle of taurus and aquarius so your relationship may not survive all that testing especially if your relationship does not feel strong and your not working well together.
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    do we have a chance or am I delusional ???

    I see what you mean, your mars is square his sun and uranus and your venus is conjunct his uranus. His mars square your uranus and mercury is opposite your uranus so there is a lot of instability there. You might end up irratating each other a lot or having a lot of fights.