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    Astrology Programs in the US

    Hello all! I was wondering if you guys recommend an Astrology program in the US that is a good program to become certified or learn the tools to become a professional astrologer? I have my degree in Psychology and would like to one day become a professional astrologer. I've looked up different...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    Re: NN in Pisces in 11th, to Sky Tim, thank you for your insights. I do want to help people in some way. I got my B.S. in Psychology but I don't want to eventually become a Psychologist, I would love to take classes to eventually be a professional Astrologer one day. Would this fit into my...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    I have recently been looking into the asteroids and I discovered that asteroid Diana is exactly conjunct my North Node to the minute. I read that Diana can represent being single and child free, however I am married and want to have children, at least one. She can also represent independence...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    Thank you Rahu for all of your insights and for taking the time to analyze aspects in my chart! What you wrote really resonates with me. I totally agree with this. I feel like I am very intuitive. When you say "you could be confusing" do you mean confusing to others or I myself can become...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    Rahu, I have attached the chart with the true node and lilith. Is this what you meant? How would you interpret these placements in regards to my North Node and what lessons I must learn in this life?
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    Thank you Osamenor for your insight! I didn't realize I have a Minor Grand Trine, so thank you for bringing that to my attention. I really love music and I always thought it would be awesome to be in a band, but I don't think that is going to happen this time around. I think I will stick to...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    Thank you for all your insights Osamenor! I am speaking from my own experience. For example, throughout school I have always been a straight A student always wanting to do my very best and have been a perfectionist and very analytical. These Virgo traits, work ethic and attention to details...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    Also how would you guys interpret, Pluto in Scorpio in the 7th house trine NN is Pisces 11th house? Could this mean that relationships and partnerships can assist me to realize the full potential of my destiny and purpose in this lifetime, and perhaps the people who help me are people that I...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    I think having my North Node in Pisces has to do with me having faith in the universe, trusting, and letting go of control. With my South Node in Virgo, I've been a perfectionist and wanted things to be perfect and am very analytical, but this I need to let go of to embrace Pisces qualities...
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    Is There Love for me in this Solar return?

    With Jupiter in the 7th I definitely think you can create positive relationships with people in different situations. This can mean fostering a positive relationship with a crush or romantic interest. With the Sun in the 10th you definitely have control over your destiny which can mean picking...
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    I have attached my chart.
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    How would you interpet this NN?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering how you all would interpret the North Node in Pisces in the 11th house? Thanks for your insights!
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    Really bad Solar Return Chart?

    Thank you JUPITERASC for your insights. I've attached my natal and solar return chart too if anyone else has any information they can give as to what the next year may mean to me. I'd appreciate it! Also, I might just stick with the Libra Ascendant place to celebrate my bday. You are right...
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    Really bad Solar Return Chart?

    Hello all, My birthday is around the corner and I loaded my Solar Return Chart - there is tons of squares and a cardinal grand cross. What does this chart mean for me? My year will be hard? :/ I've attached an additional Solar Return Chart (with the Scorpio Ascendant), which could possibly...
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    Am I a plutonian?

    You can discover what planet dominates your chart as well as the hierarchy of your planets by looking up the Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen. Go to and if you aren’t registered, register, or use guest user, then put in your birth data. Then on the right hand column...
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    Creative career options

    Cool, thanks Urano for your insight!
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    What Sign Will I Marry/Will I Get Married?

    From the book The Art of Predictive Astrology by Carol Rushman, she states, “Interestingly, if a man with Capricorn on the seventh-house cusp marries, many times it is to a woman who has her Sun or Moon in Capricorn or who is quite a bit older and more mature and can nurture him. Or he may marry...
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    Aspects that run in the family

    That is cool stelliums run in your family's chart! My sister, brother, and mom have stelliums in their charts, but my dad and I don't. My mom and sister are both Taurus Suns. I have a Taurus Rising. My dad and I are both Libra Suns. I also share certain aspects with every member of my family...
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    Guess her ascendant

    I guess that her ascendant is in Libra?