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    Speculative chart for Andreas Lubitz

    Did you use topocentric system (moon parallax corrected)?
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    Speculative chart for Andreas Lubitz

    Interessting techniques unique_astrology :) What are your thought about so called pilot Patrick S. ? On whole twitter, only two persons ask themselves why three different spelling are circulating. Sondheimer, Sondenheimer, Sonderheimer My guess, is that there was no commandant on board. None...
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    German Wings Crash - what happened? 18 december 1987
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    Saturn-Neptune/Pluto MIDPOINT?

    We need to recast your chart at home, so we need your birth data. If you don't want to, here you can go
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    Saturn return smacks you in the face...wakes you up??

    Nevermind. Live for the instant and for your goals. You can't really know which manifestation of saturn symbolics will appears then. :cool: Saturn is also ground. stabilisation. Maybe grounded by a birth ?
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    Saturn return smacks you in the face...wakes you up??

    Surely. It was a time when I was quite apathetic but when saturn went conjunct my Dsc, I made anything possible to find a job and to be more stable. I wasn't into astrology at this time.
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    read my cgart please help me

    From a technical view, your sensitive common point in your couple is triggered by saturn now. Your Neptune 4°33 sagittarius (that is receiving forward and backward motion of saturn) and her moon 4°25 libra. Saturn is now retro, making a final climax contact on your radical Neptune the 4 april...
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    Seeing Ghost?

    Interessting. Can you give the time of the events and the birth data of your grandfather?
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    Nth Node in Scorpio AND 8th house - Anyone?( or Nobody? )

    I have that. Well. Your future tends to the research in metaphysics, and "to separate yourself of materialistic tendencies". if you have wealth, don't loose it. Haha, don't be affraid :)
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    venus oppose saturn. artistic discipline?

    I am born the same day as him. I am also musician, and had a sad childhood. This aspect is the following: saturn midpoint of venus/mercury. (I have the conjunction on the 12th house cusp) Music was the way to externalise things that I wasn't able to say. But with time, blocking aspects disolves...
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    My Friend Has a Painful Chart

    You did not yet answered my question. You are using too wide orbs. This is ridiculous
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    My Friend Has a Painful Chart

    So intelligently, what will you say to him ? You are made to suffer ? (I want you to think about the accidental things we make without a wise age, and greater understanding)
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    My Birth Time is Exact

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    Saturn square saturn??

    For a clue, remember what you lived in the epoch of june 2001 (Saturn was 7° Gemini, in your 8th house) There is a probability that the same tonality emerges, or, by conscious effort, you can prevent the odds, by what your evolution taught you :) This is a basic way to do. After that, you can...
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    Is he worth my time?

    The "fun" thing is that I have my Sun on your Saturn. This is the moralist degree of your chart...
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    Is he worth my time?

    Your love notion will be erroded with time passed around poisonous people. Take care. May the pactice of astrology (or your yet developped common sense) allow you to identify them in the future :) ok I stop the moralist tone.
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    Is he worth my time?

    Forget this guy now. Too much wide age gap between you. This guy have violent aspects. Please, date people of your generation.
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    when a person DOES not resemble his chart AT ALL !

    Ok, so you have not lost passion for him, this is very nice, he have a great chance to have you. Try some practical things with him as to find the times when he can be physically aroused. Technically, he has only one aspect to his venus : trine the black moon (0°06') unaspecting other planets...
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    Many composite charts with sun conjunct m.c., can anyone figure it out?

    Side question, did you feel more linked to the song when this figure is formed? As a musician, I can tell you that your method to imagine a birth chart for a song is wrong anyway. Different methods also exists for composites...
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    Many composite charts with sun conjunct m.c., can anyone figure it out?

    Can you tell us an estimation of how many songs you did composite charts like this, that don't show a sun conjunct MC ?