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    Would Moon sextile Saturn in synasty help with Venus square Uranus?

    I had exact aspects with someone involving my Saturn and Uranus. Sa/Mo sextile had tighter orb, it didn't help. There is a struggle, but not sure on which aspects in our synastry I can put my finger on..Depends of overall quality of the relationship.
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    Semi Squares and Sesqiquadrates in Composite/Synastry

    Awful, esp if you have Mercury sesqui quadrate Saturn.
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    Sun-Moon conjunction - the 'soulmate' aspect.

    I have very warm connection with 2 friends. Sometimes I think like we're more than that. We feel or sense each other in subtle manner. With 1st my moon is in conjunction with his Sun, with 2nd his Moon with my Sun. For the first guy - where is my Moon involved I feel like he has an upper hand...