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    Traditional vs Classical vs renaissance vs Hellenistic

    Manilius also made a big impression on me-I’ll bet that I am the only person who still actively uses the old Manilius Decans on a continuing basis in delineation! Manilius was Roman but he and his father represented the Antioch school of astrology rather than the more influential Alexandrian...
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    Venus debilitated in Virgo???

    Remember we are talking only about essential states here-that essential state CAN BE modified by other conditions affecting the planet, the so-called accidentals-these include modifications by connections (aspects etc) and by shadow placements (dodekatemoiria), which again can bring in new...
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    This is too much, can you please help?

    in composite Venus is cazimi-in the heart of the sun; while fortunate, this can mean a too intense venus quality, which could be problematical in the relationship; then there is the fall of cazimi Venus in Virgo, plus the question posed by Pluto in Scorpio-seems to me there is both intensity &...
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    Traditional vs Classical vs renaissance vs Hellenistic

    Of the mentioned ancient authors, Valens and Paulus Alexandrianus influenced me the most; never cared much for Rhetorius the Egyptian-I feel his work shows the Beginning of the modification of Hellenistic astrology toward the Arabic transitional era leading to medieval astrology, which I...
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    News Astrology and Mundane Events

    Ryan seems more likely with powerful mars on asc in rising aries and NN in 10th; Retro Jupiter is a problem, somewhat Also problematical is highly elevated lilith; moon/mercury opposition could indicate some problem with media and/or communicating his precise message (please note: I am...
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    Will I get the money in month of June?

    Thank you for updating.
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    New to astrology

    Welcome to our forums-hope you will find them useful-Pluto/Saturn/moon conjoined in 1st is quite a placement, offering much potential and some problems as well-transforming Pluto + stabilizing Saturn + shifting Moon, wow!
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    Need some education: Which charts to use when?

    Natal, transit, progressed, composite, event & horary charts should pretty much cover whatever one needs to know. (and possibly solar return charts also, but I prefer progressed)
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    Will i get a Job today?

    Querant significator Moon flows away from career significator mars and “regular job” significator jupiter; by Ankara method indications would be no.
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    If the significators are forming no aspect...

    Bob Zemco was a genius in traditionalist astrology-I wonder what became of him?
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    How to read chart with same signifier & three-way conjunction?

    For me, the placement of significator mercury in domicile and angular, plus moon there, yields a probably yes answer to this question. Moon applying to significator mercury also helps. But remember that I am applying the unorthodox horary Ankara method in making my analysis-conventional horary...
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    If the significators are forming no aspect...

    In the unorthodox Ankara horary method I follow aspects re to significators are not absolutely necessary although of course they do count in the totality of specific indications in determining the answer; the key in Ankara is the direction of flow of significators toward or away from each other...
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    Will she marry me?

    Sun flows away from saturn = no; moon flows to sun -yes;moon flows away from asc, Jupiter, Venus (components of part of marriage) = no; 2-/1+ = net -1; answer; more likely no in the near future than yes; could easily change to a yes answer over the intermediate term. Some conflict in you (saturn...
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    Doom & Gloom

    Good point-from my studies I don’t think he had a choice.
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    Why do I love rollercoasters?

    probably the elevated mercury/Neptune conjunction + the elevated mars, all in daredevil Sagittarius-liking for the excitement of unusual, rapidly alternating sensations in a place of fun/friendliness (11th ws house)
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    Why do my wife and I not get along?

    She has a most elevated Neptune + Venus under Leo in 7th house-perhaps she had an idealistic idea of marriage and expected much more from the relationship than what has developed.
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    Chart overlay for friends

    Love still happens, just doesn’t (usually) take a romantic direction.
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    Progressed Jupiter sextile Progressed MC

    Although very caustic, Bob Zemco did have a lot of valuable things to say-I kind of miss him!
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    Traditional vs Classical vs renaissance vs Hellenistic

    this is one point-keeping them seperate-that I disagree with Mr Schmidt-but you have to know what exactly you are trying to do! of course, though, I am a mongrel (eclectic) so it figures that I would disagree with him on this point! Mixing the various techniques works very well for me;and the...
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    Saturn is the great challenger to comfort zones-I think that is a major reason it is so dreaded in astrology.