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  1. Fragoso

    Reverse Lot of Eros

    Read my pm :tongue:
  2. Fragoso

    Are fire horses most powerful?

    No sign is more powerful than the dragon :alien: Specially horses who are wannabe dragons ahaha
  3. Fragoso

    Will I get in a relationship soon?

    what do you guys think?
  4. Fragoso

    Will I get into a relationship?

    Male :whistling: I am just curious right now, Zarathu. I have no plans for the future curently. Come what may end :tongue:
  5. Fragoso

    Will I get into a relationship?

    Hey MissCubby. I know right... I am just curious since currently transit saturn is in my 5th. I am not expecting a fairy tale to fall down from heaven :biggrin:
  6. Fragoso

    Will I get into a relationship? So here is the question. This is what I think of the chart: -jupiter in 7th points to an yes... -mercury in 8th shows likely an no -moon is weak in cap -mercury doesn't aspect jupiter -> no -moon...
  7. Fragoso

    Will I pass this exam?

    Did you pass? Mercury is strong as in in reception with jupiter... I am getting a yes. But mercury and jupiter are in square - it might have been difficult, no?:tongue:
  8. Fragoso

    Moon-Jupiter aspects and softness

    Moon-jupiter semi-square and jupiter in 4th (house naturally ruled by moon). Unfortunately, I am the spoiled kid of the family :annoyed: My family over-protects me to much to the point of getting annoying. I am treated like a children of 2 years old :alien::alien::alien: yet in a some kind of...
  9. Fragoso

    I can't seem to get along well with people?

    Welcome to the scorpio venus group :kissing: AHAHA I find many similarities with what you write and our charts have interesting points in common, like: -Scorpio venus conjunting Pluto; -Sun square asc; -Moon in 11th. You say it's easy for you to make friends ... And also you seem to be...
  10. Fragoso

    Mars-Pluto aspects

    How I understand you ... :rightful:
  11. Fragoso

    Indications of Social Anxiety in this chart?

    Virgo asc and pluto in 3rd. I find pluto in 3rd very common in social anxiety and problems related to self-inhibition. :bandit:
  12. Fragoso

    Sun in 4th house

    Sun in 4th and libra here :rightful: Yeah pretty weak one. I am reserved, shy, introverted, and private to some degree. Sun in 4th just shows itself when it feels safe.
  13. Fragoso

    Saturn transits 8th house with six planets in it.

    From what I have seen, saturn transit in 8th can act as a sexual blockage, specially in the beginning of the transit.
  14. Fragoso

    Mars-Pluto aspects

    Mars/Pluto trine here - I use to say that I am indestructible :devil: The trine brings a lot of energy, but it's a constructive one; the person will be assertive, and will have power but uses it wisely and without devilry.
  15. Fragoso

    The Dark love of Scorpio

    Venus is in detritment in scorpio; moon falls there - that's why scorpio is known for being dark... 2 planets that represent emotions (and to be open with them, to share your emotions with others) are not well positioned in scopio. As I have scorpio venus I can relatet to everything you...
  16. Fragoso

    Air people with no fire

    I am libra sun and I have no fire in my chart... It's funny cause I am energetic and dynamic :tongue: The absence of fire in a chart can be exceeded by a strong mars or a very good position. My mars is conjunting asc with 0 orb - that's why i am energetic. The sun-mars square also helps.
  17. Fragoso

    Guess the asc of Benedict Cumberbatch

    At fist I thought cancer but then i came with virgo... His face reminds me virgo asc