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    Amateur and Hobbyist

    Hi there! I got into astrology when I was a child and have since immersed into every aspect of it - my favourite being travel astrology as I move around a lot as a nomad. I’ve done courses in Astrocartography and have an overall solid understanding of this realm however still have lots to learn.
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    Relocating back to NY from the UK - suddenly unsure...

    Hi lovely! Please also remember it depends on the planets in your natal chart! For instance in my natal chart I have my Moon in Chiron so while another person without challenging Moon influences could move there and not experience the challenges, for me moving to a moon line would bring out the...
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    Longitudinal Paran Crossings Experience and Help

    Help with Paran Crossings Please Hello! I lived in Sydney which was 464 km away from crossing of Jupiter IC and Moon’s Nodes. I’m 32 and have lived in about eight countries but never have I lived in a place where I experienced such luck. I had companies literally competing for me to work for...