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    Why does some houses take soo much space and others soo little ?

    Below i will show two charts, mine in my hometown and mine if i was born in Oslo, Norway. I use Placidus and my question is, why does some houses are bigger and take such a big space in the chart ? I know that if it was in Equal Houses it will be equal with the sign, but why in Placidus a...
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    late marriage... can this happen already?

    And i want to say something else, about those with Saturn in 7th, or conj DSC, like me: - The way we mature is the way Saturn will send us what person we deserve. If you have Saturn there ( 7, DCS ) but you are immature, then your relationships will be with older but childish people. If you are...
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    late marriage... can this happen already?

    I`ve red the link you posted. I have Saturn conj DSC and NN in 10th house. I know that i have to mature and let the other person has his personal space. Saturn made me now in a karmic connection with a girl abroad and im quite diplomatic, because i know that this type of connections ( long...
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    What planet in a man's birth chart indicates what type of woman he likes?

    - No, nothing in Taurus. Not a dominant, stelium, not even a planet. Nothing special with people who have eath signs. For the fixed - most of my karmic connections in my life are that she/he is either Scorpio or Leo ASC. Right now have a karmic connection with a girl abroad, who is Saggitarius...
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    What planet in a man's birth chart indicates what type of woman he likes?

    If i may say from my experience. My 7th house is Taurus, but i never had a person in my life who is a Taurus. From personal experience i find Leo women quite immature, childish and attention seeking. They were quite ambitious and they would gladly put their ambitions on your back and you would...
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    What planet in a man's birth chart indicates what type of woman he likes?

    And may you tell me more ? What would be your interpretation on what you`ve wrote just now ? :joyful:
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    What planet in a man's birth chart indicates what type of woman he likes?

    As for my chart. What i seek is in Venus and Moon. - Venus is in 1st house Scorpio ( self ), so i first search her to be like my image. Mirror so to speak. To be interested in the deep, art, occults, passion, romance, plutonic, ect. - Moon is in 10th house Leo. I want them to have a...
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    DEMOCRATS WORRIED that Joe BIDEN TOO FEEBLE lacks mental alertness to TAKE ON TRUMP

    Example of how votes can be altered using Dominion software.
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    Does your life really need a grand purpose for existing?

    I will corect myself. The word is psychology. " If she dropped out of that study to pursue a different field then that initial study might not have brought her as much fulfillment as she thought it would have. If she were to go back into a study that she lost the excitement for then why would...
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    Understanding Saturn

    My Saturn in conj DSC, but its in the 6th house. In my view, when we do what he wants from us, he can be very helpfull. The way he helps us...nobody cant do it better than him. If we dont follow his rules and wantings - karma strikes. I believe that when we are on his side, he cleans little by...
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    Indications of spiritual awakening

    My spiritual awakening is shown in my chart, as far as i know untill now, with Lilith in 1st house Scorpio and Vertex in 8th house Gemini. Lilith there means life changing event in a very early life of the native. The story: - When i was 14-15 y.o i`ve done something really bad and then ive gone...
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    Law of Attraction? Is it real? Vision Boards, focused energy, repeating mantras...

    Ive been using this formila ( law of attraction ) for years now. Its more on subconscious level that the law is really working. Just want it and forget about it, in a way. It works for both wantings and fears. It attracts what your brain is sending to it. It just sees the picture and the process...
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    Do women year for status and wealth in a man?

    Everybody yearns for security. Secutiry in stable job, earnings, life, relationship. No matter how much women will like to be with me, if im jobless, lifeless, lonesome, without a backbone, purpose, ambitions, matured, she wont be near me anymore. The same goes with women. But this is my point...
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    Fate vs. Random chance

    Yes, 1 = 1 <--- let say that this pre-determined, but "1 is not equal to 1", this is where free-will comes. Maybe our views on things аre logically contradictory to Nature, Fate, God. I do believe that everything is a clock and every person, animal, bug, plant, stars, ect. are a part of the...
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    Does your life really need a grand purpose for existing?

    Well i dont know about you, but i enjoy life by working. About the deathbed. Again as ive said it, people dont know what they want or never taked any risks to follow their hearts and ofcourse they will regret it.
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    Does your life really need a grand purpose for existing?

    Working makes life better. Im talking in and out. I dont seek fame or something else, because these things are not important for me. About the people working harder, but still in poverty.... Well its either Saturn involved, or they dont do what fate wants them to do. I follow my path and my life...
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    Does your life really need a grand purpose for existing?

    Yes. In my inner world i have to have a grand purpose. When you have a purpose and fight for it, you will always progress in life. This is why todays generation is soo lifeless, because they dont have a purpose/ path/ plan, nothing. They live "day for day". Always depressed, because they have...
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    Fate vs. Random chance

    From my point of view, i believe that everything in the beggining is planned ( events ), but after that what we will do is up to us ( free will and will we make karma or diharma out of it ). I will give examples: 1. Let say that i see a contest-poster witch is what ive waited for a long time...
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    Interesting how we choose the Avatars we choose ?

    My avatar picture is of the actress Loreta Young. She has the face features to which i say to the world - "This is the ideal face, which i search in woman". Why ? Because her features speak for an emotional person, ambitious, saturnic, loyal, plutonic... something which i searh everywhere. I...
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    Saturn conjunct descendant--are we doomed in love?

    May i give life to this topic ? Here i go...:lol: I have Saturn conj DSC. Im 22 y.o, but i will give my experience untill now. Since my childhood i was always been attracted to older and matured women. Not because i want a second mother, but because im mentally closer to their years. The...