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    Relocation Strategies/Help

    What is a relocation chart? Does Solar Revolution assist with this? Born in Los Angeles, grew up and currently reside in Chicago. I have decided to return to my birthplace and ideally would like to move in early 2015 what should I look for in my chart [natal is attached herewith], which charts...
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    2015 Relocation & Solar Revolution

    Planning to relocate to my birthplace in early 2015. Would the solar return chart provide indicators as to when would be the most auspicious time? Or would this require the use of electional astrology? All interpretations, etc are appreciated!
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    read my chart

    Do me, do me! [deleted request for personal reading from Forum member - Moderator]
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    Studying Prominence and Dominance in my chart

    Unreadable in what sense? the info from astro +-------<11>12Lib13'17"----<10>10Vir51'10"-----<9> 5Leo30'32"---------------+ | Plu 21Lib50'48" | Ven 16Vir00'37" | | | | Sun 25Lib28'00" | Jup 28Vir15'14" | | | |...
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    Studying Prominence and Dominance in my chart

    Sun falling in Libra; Moon/Aquarius; Asc/Sagittarius; Mercury seems to be dominant in most info I've looked up. I initially thought Saturn in exaltation or Jupiter (chart ruler?) would be prominent? Are they? This is a new area of study for me! Also does this coincide with dignities and...