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  1. Moog

    The three Lilities: The Triple Moon Goddess

    Maybe I'm confused, or maybe this is confusing. I find it confusing to associate the triple moon goddess facets with Lillith. Seems like they are their own thing. The above does not correlate with the traditional triple goddess/moon phase symbolism as I understand it in any way. This seems...
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    Censorship of 'Esoteric' websites in the UK

    Probably means astrology is on the chopping block. A very shady business. A potentially slippery slope to modern day religious persecution. Petition
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    You could try Jagannatha Hora. It's free and calculates padas Upapada is denoted with UL
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    Are my Sun & Saturn conjuncting

    That's a matter of some controversy. Some say nothing. Some say it weakens the planets, or their effects. Personally I say it weakens the planets. However, planets may be strong due to other factors, so it is not necessarily completely debilitating.
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    Generally, when you get an internet Vedic chart, the other chart is the 'Navamsa', also called the D9 (d for 'divisional chart'). Divisional or Varga charts seem to be equivalent to western Harmonic charts, if that helps at all. Basically, these charts are derived/constructed from the main...
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    The Ninth House and Religion

    dr. farr, what sources do you recommend if one wishes to study and understand Varga charts, know which ones correspond to what?
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    "mental health" house and planets?

    Secondary to that, I was reading recently that mental health is programmed during gestation. Not a bad link, but I'd prefer a scientific paper. Maybe I'll google one up later;
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    Are my Sun & Saturn conjuncting

    I would say for most purposes, not conjunct. Yes, however on combust
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    if you don't read this then, i'm sorry mister, but there is something wrong with you

    thanks for the diagnosis. I realised there was something wrong with me since I was born, but no one's ever provided validation... until now
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    Different Moons with Vedic and Western

    When you take into consideration the many individuating modifying factors upon those moons, perhaps we're looking at more (perhaps many more) than 2 distinct things.
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    The Ninth House and Religion

    Self analysis, why noot Sun or Moon rule the 9th in my chart, depending upon the house system employed. Both are in Virgo Jupiter in Leo also conjuncts the 9th cusp, or doesn't according to the same I'm inclined to posit that the Moon rules the 9th. Apart from a fairly long stint grounded in...
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    Vedic Section

    There's a huge difference in orientation IME, westerners generally seem to get into astrology to 'discover themselves'. There's no desperation about it, but more likely a dissatisfaction with life, and an interest in the esoteric Indians tend to treat astrologers (at least here) more like...
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    Review Your Favourite Youtube Astrologers

    Ryan has some useful videos; Ernst has a few too;
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    What does it mean when a planet "is aspected"?

    Negatively aspected in terms of western astrology can mean aspect by planet in a square or opposition. It may also refer to being aspected by a Malefic (Saturn and Mars, westernly) In Vedic astrology it can mean aspect from a Malefic, or an unfriendly planet, as they use a planetary...
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    Review Your Favourite Youtube Astrologers

    He has a strange way of pronouncing certain words, which probably doesn't help. He calls the Navamsa 'Nimancha' 'Signifactor' instead of Significator Karaka becomes 'Karka', easily confused with Karka which is also a term for the sign Cancer. I'd read an introductory book on Jyotish, it's...
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    Important News: OFFERS SN OPTION

    finally, they heard my complaints :wink:
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    What books should I look to learn Vedic Astrology?

    Wow that's nuts :lol: Presumably because you've sourced a paper copy? I paid about 100 RMB for the PDF. Are you unable to do the same due to Chinese firewall stuff?
  18. Moog

    What are you reading?

    Could be a Mars thing. Zarathu, have you got your chart up somewhere, or would you mind sharing your data with me? I think you have mine. Unfortunately, planets above or below the horizon cannot tell the whole story regarding E/I All the planets were above the horizon when I was born, yet I...
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    Multiple questions in horary

    Thank you :smile:
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    Implications of "Power" figures given in simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen?

    Re: Implications of "Power" figures given in simple chart delineation by Walter Pulle Personally, I feel there is no value in tallying up the number of aspects and drawing any conclusions from it. An aspect shows an influence of a planet to another planet or horoscopic point, such as house...