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  1. Mark

    Oil Supplies Decreasing & If Oil Runs Out, Our 'Civilisation' Ends

    One day soon we all may face the hell of having to buy products made of wood and steel that last for years instead of months. We'll suffer the same as our forefathers, who actually had a few possessions last long enough to pass down to us. Have you ever seen plastic being passed down through a...
  2. Mark

    Understanding Past-Lives through our natal charts

    I've basically given up on using charts to study any life other than the one you're currently living. The one thing I keep reminding myself is that out of all these proposed/traditional methods of deriving such information from a chart, there is no way to test any of them! If you're wrong, how...
  3. Mark

    Oil Supplies Decreasing & If Oil Runs Out, Our 'Civilisation' Ends

    The only "challenging" that will actually slow down an oil company in production is the kind that renders their equipment inoperable. Courts will watch this bull**** happen for years and courts don't side against mountains of money. The barons will do what they want and no one will stop them...
  4. Mark

    How do I become a certified astrologer?

    Considering that there is no widely-accepted model of astrology, the better question might be: "Is there any such thing as an astrological certification worth earning and, if so, who grants it?"
  5. Mark

    Is pluto the devil?

    Why do we have to hate on the outers so? Learning is better than expressing.
  6. Mark

    USA Part of Bankruptcy

    It would be the death of what the nation used to be, which would be great (just as enlightenment is the death of what the person used to be). The day that a nation becomes free of its attachments and possessions is graduation day. That's the day when the country moves from being a nation to...
  7. Mark

    " come to the aid of their country." usa

    From where I sit, I see that only God acting directly in the hearts of the people could even possibly make a real change. No amount of human action can do it. We should be ready to utilise opportunities when they come to us, but what will be, will be. This was all written from the foundation of...
  8. Mark

    " come to the aid of their country." usa

    Haha! And I was about to start being nice to you. Well, your plan still isn't going to work, but you might just motivate me yet. I'm thinking about educating those few people who will listen on how to survive as a Godly person when an hungry, desperate world sees you as prey. I've seen these new...
  9. Mark

    How we will all be spied upon by CIA and others

    You know what? This is just funny now. Should we all keep acting as if opinions mean something? Not today. Today, I feel like giving the world the finger, cackling like a madman, and dancing in the ashes of a fallen society. You want to keep shoring up a broken and corrupt system? Fine! It will...
  10. Mark

    " come to the aid of their country." usa

    What I mean is this. The astrology is nice to talk about and it is informative. What I see more obviously than that, however, is that the kindling is prepped. We've gone so far that there is no damage control that could ever do enough. The problems are intrinsic to the system that we enthrone...
  11. Mark

    " come to the aid of their country." usa

    Okay, then here's a different song for you. Lisa Stone - Nine to Five :whistling:
  12. Mark

    " come to the aid of their country." usa

    Interestingly, I happened to be listening to Tool's AEnima for the first time in a while when I read this. Come to the aid of the burning, sinking ship? This nation has gone too far past the threshold. It deserves to burn and it will. Making a pact with God to be granted our own country wasn't...
  13. Mark

    military dictadorship inthe u.s.

    MSO: I like that quote in your signature. When will you start living by that?
  14. Mark

    How we will all be spied upon by CIA and others

    There's an old saying: "Paranoia's just good sense when everybody's out to get you."
  15. Mark

    Desire-how do you live in a happy medium

    When you see the two opposites moving against each other and are not part of them, then you see the Dao (which is the better spelling). :whistling:
  16. Mark

    How we will all be spied upon by CIA and others

    To toss in a few more cents, I must say, as a computer programmer, that they don't need much more to track you than they already have. Every bit of your digital communications (phone, cell phone voice calls, texting, internet, etc.) are already exposed. They only need sanctioned sniffers (which...
  17. Mark

    Eveyone on this site hates me.

    Well, the thread title and the talk about killing yourself are a bit melodramatic. It's true that this site is not the perfect place to find support. Sometimes moderators will delete your whole thread because "no astrological data was given." Sometimes you just won't get a response because no...
  18. Mark

    How accurate is the PENDULUM

    I like Kannon's response. The one thing I would add is that tools of divination are intended to be used by experienced diviners. A novice will usually obtain tainted results until he or she develops an understanding of how and why these things work. As Kannon said, "You are always subconsciously...
  19. Mark

    Can tarot open you to the lower astral

    Prolonged meditation on the tarot images might open you, but probably not to what you fear, and it would take quite a while. Otherwise, cards are just cards. There is no reason to believe that shuffling, dealing, and reading will make you extra vulnerable.
  20. Mark

    uranus/pluto as it relates to internet freedom conversation with waybread and mark

    waybread: I'm the one who wants to start the revolution. :bandit: That's not "sitting back."