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  1. catastrophe

    All the Cappy Moons out there...

    Zoumizzouzou, I sent you a private message :wink:
  2. catastrophe

    All the Cappy Moons out there...

    Same same here, except I have Venus in Aquarius in the Fourth House, opposing my Leo Jupiter in 10th/Midheaven at 28 Cancer... very hush hush and argumentative household I was raised in throughout my childhood... along with no siblings I kept to myself, by myself :crying:
  3. catastrophe

    All the Cappy Moons out there...

    Do you have a link to your chart handy? & Very Interesting article, zoumizzouzou!
  4. catastrophe

    All the Cappy Moons out there...

    I give anyone with a loaded third house credit... I feel like it'll take my whole life to find out what that really means :surprised: I also have a stellium with Sun, Saturn and North Node in there as well
  5. catastrophe

    My friend's insane stellium

    Zuri, what program/software are you using to formulate these results, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. catastrophe

    All the Cappy Moons out there...

    Yeeeeepp... Sag/Mercury, Cap/Moon, Cap/Uranus, Cap/Neptune stellium in the III house... I love communicating with people, I just have a hard time connecting with the immediate emotions they have... I do provide a receptive and supportive shoulder to lean on though
  7. catastrophe

    The Finger Of God. (Yod)

    What about a Yod that has two biQuintiles and a Quintile making the formation? My software calls it a 'palma' I guess... I guess it probably doesn't apply anyway, because my Moon forms the apex with Jupiter and Mars in this formation...
  8. catastrophe

    Are you born with Jupiter-Uranus aspect? Consider yourself as lucky!

    I have Jupiter (Retrograde, Leo, 10th) quincunx Uranus (Capricorn, 3rd) in my chart... :w00t: :whistling: :cool: Maybe some day my *genuis* will pay off, hehe
  9. catastrophe

    Is Jupiter the Final way to go?

    My Jupiter is Retrograde in Leo in the 10th house... I still am trying to figure out how I can utilize this in my life, vocation, and efforts... :crying: :andy: It is opposing Venus in Aquarius in 4th house, sextile Mars in Taurus in 8th house
  10. catastrophe

    Everyone who's had transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Ascendant

    First off, I would like to say, Thank You So Much for responding to this thread... what you have written in just this post has been a wonderfully enlightening response that I can relate to, for once. You seem to have a very keen eye on the current happenings (that are) transforming for you and...
  11. catastrophe

    Mars in Taurus

    Just curious.. what orb allowance are you giving with this analyzation?
  12. catastrophe

    Mars in Taurus

    Yep... definitely attracted to the somewhat-run-down seeking higher aspiration in other people/things. Although I do have a hard time blending in with the crowd, whether it's at large, or in a tight knit social setting... I say a hard time blending, because I don't necessarily "not fit in at...
  13. catastrophe

    Mars in Taurus

    Well... yes I'd say... minus the aspect of being very indecisive about a lot of things (Venus/Aquarius, Asc/Libra) I do believe I'm told I am very practical... and down-to-earth :tongue:
  14. catastrophe

    Mars in Taurus

    Hell yes... I have 28 Mars/Taurus/8th... amen to that :w00t::biggrin:
  15. catastrophe

    Mercury in Sagittarius??

    You are very good with your words, I would like to add :happy: What you said here, almost sounds like you're talking about me... Merc/Sag/III, Jupiter/Leo/X, but usually my Sun/Moon/Capricorn/III is able to hold back against 'forcing my knowledge' onto others; as in; your loss, not mine...
  16. catastrophe

    Mars-Pluto aspects

    I have Mars/Taurus/8th house opposing Pluto/Scorpio/1st-2nd house cusp... My mother has Pluto/Virgo opposing Sun/Pisces I suffered from a short while of abuse from my bipolar mother when I was a toddler, the situation was brought to the surface by my daycare lady calling the authorities in...
  17. catastrophe

    More or Less, is my Mercury Important?

    Thank you very much for your insight, waybread. I have been re-asking this query on other astrology sites as well as this one, looking for any advice, but to no avail. Your analogy helps me see this Mercury relationship a lot better. As far as midpoints go, I believe my Mercury/Node = Neptune...
  18. catastrophe

    More or Less, is my Mercury Important?

    Tautomer, I realize it is important... in fact, I feel it might be more important than I have been giving it credit for. But with the lack of relationships with my other planets, I find it very hard to pick up on the 'nature' it has, besides being in detriment, I believe I'm very aware how that...
  19. catastrophe

    More or Less, is my Mercury Important?

    My Mercury has only two aspects... a wide conjunct to my Moon (by 4'51 degrees) and a novile aspect to my Pluto, (by 0'0'44 degrees)... the conjunct to my moon has Mercury at 29'56 Sagittarius, with Moon at 4'48 Capricorn. Moon is part of a stellium in Capricorn involving Uranus 10'31...
  20. catastrophe

    How strong is your Jupiter?

    Hmm... well, preettyy strong... considering it is in my 10th House, in Leo, in own Triplicity and own Face. Buut it is Retrograde/slow in motion. I guess I can consider this 'stronger' like some people do, although I'm still on the course of truly finding out what my Jupiter pertains to in my...