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    Chart reading please ?

    I think your sun in the 8 th indicates a very deep fascination with psychology or astrology or metaphysical, I also notice your saturn in the 2 nd house so are you will have lessons in the financial , possessions, material worth part of your life. I know you're really young so many of these...
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    Need guidance please read my chart

    Good tip..I'll so that thanks
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    Was this a lucky day in my natal chart?

    I think because your natal jupiter is in virgo and jupiter just went into virgo recently and will stay for the next year you'll be feeling pretty lucky for the next 13 months :)
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    My Chart

    You are an intellectual type I would guess you like knowledge and are pretty open minded. You might enjoy food a lot, do you like to eat?:) you may retreat and like to be alone but there is a very social side to you, you don't mind other people and you don't hide things about yourself from...
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    Life purpose

    Grey ghost.. You are a master manipulator.. Powerful and passionate.. You know how to draw people in. Your chart indicates an intense compassionate person but yes I can see where there is a cold selfishness too , you are capable of unconditional love , and you have the ability to be positive in...
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    Life purpose

    Sorry I meant sun venus cancer conjunct.. And I am simply saying that I can see how you are more emotional and heavily effected than other signs because of your family situation.. Cancers that don't have a stable family situation. Are usually greatly affected.I feel your pain! But you're young I...
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    Some extra insight into my chart plz :)

    Don't worry about it mousie "Zarathu" is alway making snarky condescending remarks like that on're allowed to request any information you like. However people don't always reply it's true
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    Helpful Insight Please

    Just wondering if her jupiter in 4th indicates luck in real estate?
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    Life purpose

    Cancer sun and mercury ... And you're male? Without a doubt you are highly sensitive and emotional. I've also noticed that lack of family support tends to effect cancers strongly. Especially lack of motherly nurturing , and if no financial support when young or in adulthood there is an extra...
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    Need guidance please read my chart

    Thank you for your reply
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    Will I have any children?

    Will I have any children? Currently I cannot have children because my legs and back issues making me unable to have sex but I am able to conceive, no reproductive issues that I am aware I'm Wondering if I do fix my back hip leg issues will I be able to have kids one day?
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    Life purpose

    I see the cancer sun in you. I think because you are a cancer you always feel that you are doing so much for others. That may be the case t, but not to the extent that you are imagining .. I'm not an experienced chart reader but I am a pro at the details of each zodiac sign the good and bad of...
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    What do you think about this Natal Chart?

    Is this the correct birth time? Because that will make a lot of difference on this chart.
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    Need guidance please read my chart

    Hello all! I've been here before and tried to get my chart read by someone with not much luck.. Over he past few years it's been ups and downs. I'm about to turn 30 and still things are not what I'd hoped for in my life. Guess I'm just feeling down and out but I really do wonder if there is...
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    Speculative chart for Andreas Lubitz

    I find the Mars and Scorpio at 15° particularly chilling..... Mars Scorpio Mars possesses Rulership, triplicity by day and night, terms in the first 6 degrees, and face in the first 10 degrees, making it the strongest place for Mars in the entire Tropical Zodiac. Having no triplicity in Aries...
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    Wealth, health, long lost father?

    Can anyone give any insight?
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    Wealth, health, long lost father?

    Here is another chart may be easier to read
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    Retrograde planets and karmic/past life influence

    This is trippy because I also have venus retro in leo 12th house and jupiter retro in Aquarius 6th house.. Interesting!
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    Wealth, health, long lost father?

    Sorry hope this Is better
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    Wealth, health, long lost father?

    First I would like to say thank you for anyone who is even willing to take a look at my chart I know that there are seasoned professional astrologers on here that look at charts for free , and I want to say thank you so much for helping anyway that you can, in advance. I do not take your time...