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    Anything long term?

    I'll be meeting up with this younger lady. Dinner date is agreed, however will she be in it for anything long term? Chart attached: She was trine Moon, Venus and my lord are in a mutual reception. She is conjuct the fourth lord. She's in mutual reception with mars...
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    How to do divination by moon?

    I asked a simple yes or no will it be a success at: 02/03/2023 07.05am Leeds, England (where I am) How do I do the divination by moon to obtain a yes or no answer please?
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    Can sabian symbols indicate past life conditions?

    I look at the south node and now north node squares for past life, maybe the individual's condition, skipped steps Would the degree of the south node indicate via sabian symbol, an individuals condition in a past lifetime?
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    How will they sort of force me to marry her

    Two of sister's friends are 32 and single. They used me obviously as a last resort even despite I'm not interested. Their families want them married off. They are for some reason ignoring the female who from online Ive been showing on my Instagram stories two months ago and Disneyland...
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    Heartbroken.. Please Help

    The 1st and 7th are sextile. So yes he did. Moon is training Jupiter, which will be the flow of events. I believe it's a positive sign.
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    Heartbroken.. Please Help

    Thanks, My mistake on that part
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    Heartbroken.. Please Help

    When is the day and time you thought of the question?
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    Heartbroken.. Please Help

    Hi, I'm very sorry to hear this. It's best to post a Horary chart on the time and date you thought of the question.
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    38 and still single

    You need to make self efforts and self improvement.
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    Why are they/the reasons almost forcing me to marry

    I've heard of things behind my back and again the uncles, aunts don't wish to listen, don't wish to ask me questions and this, that or acknowledge anything Behind my back I've heard things about this and it seems like their family don't wish to listen to my Instagram stories and Facebook posts...
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    Is it true, did he do it

    Years ago, there was a rumour the cousin bully own cousin pushed a man called r I heard three people say they heard something like that or someone told them that But the person who was meant to be pushed left the group after the supposed incident It was all hear say, however this person has...
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    Is she gaslighting, playing games?

    Yes please, also what's behind the scenes of this situation
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    Is she gaslighting, playing games?

    Hi ElenaJ, My sister is the 3rd lord and you can put family and other relatives in the 4th house.
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    Is she gaslighting, playing games? I reported my cousin to the police years ago
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    Lionel Messi transits for world cup final

    It feels nice to be correct. Messi played exceptional on that day, scored two, penalty shoot out and had a few chances.
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    World cup final

    I guess Jupiter close to the mh might indicate loads of goals, excitement
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    World cup final

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    World cup final Chiron close to the mh, tells me to be a penalty not too long in the first half or a goal within 30 mins. 4th lord is trine 7th lord. However asc lord is in the dsc winnability.
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    Croatia vs Argentina

    Argentina has lost their last two world cup finals. However moon will be in Libra on finals day.
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    Lionel Messi transits for world cup final

    I believe he will have moon conjuct his Libra mh that's if the birth time is correct. Moon transit Libra and possibly trining his moon Venus conjunction. Moreover his transit Uranus is sextile is cancer planets. Transit Mars conjuct his Venus and moon. Transit Saturn trining his mh that's if...