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  1. Edward

    Any chances with such a difficult birth chart?

    ASC-ruler Moon is void of course and in detriment in the 7th house. The Moon is not only VOC, but also "feral": This is a very rare condition in which the Moon doesn't apply to any of the other six planets by classical aspect throughout the whole sign. The Moon being feral is an exaggerated...
  2. Edward

    Empty 2ndH, its ruler is in 12H: where else can I gain income?

    Beneficially, I'd say. Moon is ruler of the 7th house, while Mars is natural ruler of men. It's possible that you have or that you will have a boyfriend/partner, who can help you in getting things going. Maybe he's a farmer, gardener, geologist, archaeologist or something like that...
  3. Edward

    Empty 2ndH, its ruler is in 12H: where else can I gain income?

    Me too sees Saturn as ruler of your 2nd house. Saturn is strong in domicile, angular, on North Node, conjunct Moon and trine Mars. Moon is transferring the light from Saturn to Mars, he being ruler of the 4th house. All this happening in Earthly signs! You could profit from agriculture and...
  4. Edward

    Is there any hope for me in the music/artistic world?

    I agree to what Horus said, except that I don't use Uranus or Neptune. :lol: Maybe you should write songs about love, seeing that Venus is ruling the 7th house... :love:
  5. Edward

    Finding A Good Astrologer

    Thanks darling! Us people with Jupiter on ASC gotta stick together. :rightful:
  6. Edward

    Finding A Good Astrologer

    You don't choose the astrologer, the astrologer chooses you. :alien: Or, in other words, the heavens will bring together querent and astrologer at the ordained time.
  7. Edward

    Future career.

    Acting? Why not, you might try it. You'd surely be good at playing Rambo or the Terminator. :rightful: Real life soldier would be difficult, or let's say very dangerous for you. As user Muchacho already hinted, some job with a lot of travelling might be best suited for you: Tourist guide...
  8. Edward

    Future career.

    Military would be Mars. Mars is rather unfortunate in this nativity - in exile, in square to Sun with bad reception, also in square to L1 Mercury. Mars in reception with Saturn in the 8th, though this is not a good kind of reception. :bandit: Maybe you should look for an occupation in the...
  9. Edward

    Synastry using traditional methodology

    William Lilly wrote on traditional synastry in his natal book (CA III, p. 637-639, "Whether there may be Concord or Unity between two"). From my experience, the Ascendent (+Ruler), Sun and Moon are the most important factors in synastry.
  10. Edward

    what kind of mother will I be?

    Congratulations! You didn't use an astrological election by chance, did you? :wink:
  11. Edward

    what kind of mother will I be?

    1. Moon conjunct Venus in the first house (both female planets), L1 Sun in a female sign. 2. L5 Jupiter in a female sign. It seems you will have more than one child due to the Moon/Venus conjunction and seeing that Jupiter is so fertile.
  12. Edward

    Looking for a personal chart reading

    Sry, I meant the User nicknamed "JUPITERASC". Names are no coincidence, don't you think?
  13. Edward

    Looking for a personal chart reading

    Well, at least that Mars/Venus conjunction in Leo could explain your nickname I guess. Just kidding of course. :joyful: (P.S. Thank you Jupiter! :wink: You could be a savior, too.)
  14. Edward

    what kind of mother will I be?

    L1 Sun applying to L5 Jupiter (and he dignified) by trine from Jupiter's exaltation. ==> You will probably have a good relationship with your children. L4 Mars in the 5th house and opposite to L1 Sun: There could be some discordance between you and your own parents, about the way you want to...
  15. Edward

    Looking for a personal chart reading

    L1 Mars conjunct L7 Venus in feral sign Leo, opposed by Moon. ==> Strong Libido? Troubles with women? :love: :tongue: However, church activities or some spiritual occupation could actually suit you according to William Lilly (CA III, p. 631). :innocent:
  16. Edward

    Would i be a good vet?

    It seems you could do worse than being a veterinarian. The Ascendent, its ruler Mars and the Moon are all placed in bestial signs, as fitting for a vet. Mars is conjunct exalted Moon via antiscion, and is also placed on the contra-antiscion of Mercury, ruler of the 6th house signifying pets and...
  17. Edward

    Any talents & Indications of fame in my chart?

    Do something with design or drafting. If possible, do it as a freelancer. Moon conjunct L10 Mars in Cancer in the 1st house, sextile Mercury. I know some guys with similar charts and they're all designers or draftsmen.
  18. Edward

    Please interprete my natal chart!

    You are/were very dependent on your father. Your father is/was a very dominant person. You're probably suffering from health problems with your eyes and/or vision. These first showed when you were 3 or 4 years old. You lost much money to women (girlfriends, or wives). Are you employed in...
  19. Edward

    Sun Conjunction Moon -- help interpreting my chart?

    You were born shortly after New Moon. From the strictly classical point of view, Moon in Gemini isn't conjunct your Sun in Taurus because they're in different signs. As far as I can tell, both Sun and Moon are placed in the vicinity of the Pleiades (a group of fixed stars) according to...
  20. Edward

    Can you guess my rising sign from my pictures?

    Taurus with some aspect of Mars? :whistling: