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    Depression in the natal chart?

    Depression is the state of mind in which person doesn't feel good and Moon is responsible for everything whether is good or bad.Also combo of other planets with moon cause mental problems, stress etc. On the other hand Saturn is also related to depression.But Astrologers say that combination of...
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    Aspects indicating people who don't listen?

    To know more about this you can try Numerology or your friends' sun sign to know their characteristics.
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    Capricorns and Addictions

    Yes, it's true.Capricorns are much addicted than others.And because of this they can easily fall into unhealthy exercises.
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    Solar Eclipse On My Birthday Manana

    If any solar eclipse falls on your birthday, definitely you'll feel the influence and these changes will be complete until your next birthday.Astrologers suggest to avoid decision making, new project's starting, traveling etc. during eclipse periods.
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    Photography in the birth chart?

    This is the fact that Photography is ruled by Neptune.Also according to numerology if your zodiac sign is Aquarius and you're born between January20-February18 then you own the quality to be a photographer.
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    How to become succes in astrology

    Hey Raghu, If you're interested in Astrology then try some famous astrology books to learn about astrology,they will give ordered way to understand deeply.You'll be a professional astrologer if you'll read them carefully. Or you can try some authentic astrology sites.
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    I have an interesting question..

    Actually season, month, year etc are those things that someone fix them according to their convenience.Date and time are to be fixed according to astrology and if anyone has some issues in their star situations or in their Kundali then they have to believe in astrology not in their interest.
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    Neptune in 2nd house... difficulties in money management?

    According to astrology, if Neptune is in 2nd house then financial advice is mandatory. Making money through artistic objectives is If Neptune is challenged in 2nd house then money will not remain in your hands, it will slip frequently.If it's in good condition in 2nd house then there are chances...
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    Which zodiac sign would be a better ESTHETICIAN? ARIES or LEO?

    I think Aries because they are sharp and quick.
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    Scorpio Midheaven - Share Your Experiences Here!

    Hey, I'm not a Scorpio middleheaven but as I'm an Astrologer so as much I know about them that Scorpio middleheaven are self-motivated and achieve their desired goal in life. Therapy, criminology, social science, research and acting are the field that they have to choose as their career. They...
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    Sensitivity & "being a loner" in my chart?

    Hi, Sensitivity is not a bad thing, you have to put it in positive things.And read some inspirational books that will help you to be a confident person and a confident person never feels lonely.If your personal problem is serious then hug your close ones or those who care for you.Or go to temple...
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    The ABC of the planets

    Hey Aquarius, Amazing list.Thanks for sharing such an interesting stuff with us.I love to get more and more knowledge about the sun and zodiac signs.Keep it up!! Regards, Shivanand
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    Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

    Hi Radu, Don't in Astrology: Astrology is not a superstition, it's directly related to the science and it exists because of the natural world like heavenly bodies.So don't tell it fraud even if you don't believe in it. Regards, Shivanand
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    Beginning to Study Astrology

    Hey Frank, Great post as well excellent teaching methodology for beginners.I liked it.Basics are the mandatory thing to get started in every field even if it is astrology, technology, biology or any other study. I would love to read more about astrology from your side. Regards, Shivanand
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    Prophetic Dreams

    Hey Lucid, Dream diaries have a brilliant existence in our life.I also usually check dream diary and it has really amazing content in it and I bought this so that I can write down my dreams in it. Regards, Shivanand
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    Astrology without using the Zodiac signs

    Hey Tobby, There's no doubt that the astrology science is possible without using zodiac signs.Main thing is planetary conditions because of their situations the effects of zodiac sign changes.Sp it's primary to know about planetary situations. Regards Shivanand
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    Planetary Distances

    Great words Poyi.Astrology is always like a mystery in everyone's life and it makes a definite sense in their life. Regards, Shivanand
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    Visualization and presentation of astrological results

    Wow!! Great measurement to analyze inner state.I'll definitely share it with everyone.Keep updating!! Regards, Shivanand
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    Visit my service

    Hi Akash, Thanks for such a great information.Can you please describe more about re-birth? I'm curious to know more about it.
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    How to get lost love back with help of astrology?

    To get your love back, Vashikaran mantra is very effective solution.16 monday's fast is also helpful to attract your love. Regards Shivanand