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    carerr and financial

    Dear Astrologers, Please inform me how will be my career and financial in future? Regards, Satish
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    Future spouse

    Thank you so much
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    Future spouse

    Thank you so much, Then I should see a girl who is brown and her background family is rich. true? Do I have chances to marry with a foreigner? or she is tall or short? Regards
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    Future spouse

    Hello, Is it possible I know, Thank you
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    Mathur Dinesh ji....Please answer

    Is it possible I know Regards, Satish
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    Sun dasha

    Hello, Thank you
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    career and wealth

    Hello, Regards, Satish
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    married life

    Hello, Thank you
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    Financial condition

    Dear astrologers, Regards
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    Venus- Ketu Dasha

    Dear astrologers, Please