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  1. Howl

    Synastry: the Impulsive Arian Moon and the Discerning Libran Saturn

    How exciting, more polarity posts :) Morghana, I oddly have many of the same dynamics in my relationship with my mother, although we have no Libra - Aries polarity I know of. She tended to defer a lot of authority, and delay a lot of action, disliking a situation but waiting to see what others...
  2. Howl

    Synastry: the Impulsive Arian Moon and the Discerning Libran Saturn

    Hi Arian I thought this thread might attract you :) Perhaps it's less about efficiency, and more about how 'unacceptably disastrous' your room looks while your mother is waiting for your method to kick back in ;) I've since decided that the story I related below is also a function of the...
  3. Howl

    Bucket with Moon as handle

    Your moon makes several aspects too. I wonder if the importance of the singleton would be less if it somehow managed to make few or no aspects... I've always assigned my moon extra 'weight' as it is also the ruler of my ascendant, and with yours in the 1H and the sign of your ascendant, I...
  4. Howl

    Synastry: the Impulsive Arian Moon and the Discerning Libran Saturn

    Hi all :) I haven't been round these parts for a good while, but I tonight feel compelled to tell a little story about an impulsive Arian Moon and a discerning Libran Saturn. The Moon is my man's and the Saturn is my own: they face eachother off with precision at 18" each. At best this pair are...
  5. Howl

    Bucket with Moon as handle

    Hi Yoi :) I have one of those, with the moon as the 'handle', or 'singleton'. Can I see your chart, too?
  6. Howl

    Uranian Transits

    Hi Flea, We share a birthday, it's just that mine is sixteen years later than yours :) Just coincidentally, you have Cancer Moon/Gemini Ascendant where I have Gemini Moon/Cancer Ascendant. We both have 18" Sagittarian Sun in the sixth house. I bet we have some similarities ;) I am also...
  7. Howl

    Born two weeks late: what is my starsign?

    Ahh, I see that you have much fire! :D You have the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the fire sign of Leo. These "inner" or "personal" planets are all strongly demonstrated in the way we behave, communicate and interact. They describe different parts of your persona, along with your...
  8. Howl

    In your PERSONAL experience, is the composite chart accurate?

    Hmmm, good question. Not sure yet. Draco, was interested to read that you can assign the older party the ascendant in a Davidson chart. In a previous interpretation I got, I wondered why the interpreter seemed to assume that I related to venus, and my partner to mars. I thought they were...
  9. Howl

    Born two weeks late: what is my starsign?

    Hello there, Have you had a chance to look at your whole natal chart? Your sun may be in Virgo, but you might also have a strong Leo emphasis in your chart. You can certainly have several signs emphasised in the one chart :) If you haven't seen your natal chart yet, try going to
  10. Howl

    6th house: "inferiors", 12th house: "superiors"?

    Hello fellows! Draco, given the emphasis you've placed on people who serve us belonging in the sixth, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on one's own sun in the sixth house. Do you consider the sun here to indicate the way of relating to people who serve you, a role of service to others...
  11. Howl

    How can you guess someone's Ascendant???

    Agreed! I find it difficult to "simplify" and separate their "persona" from their whole "person". I use astrodienst, and have a whole bunch of charts for which I don't know the birth time. I have my theories for each, but I leave all of them set as "birth time unknown", and just look at them as...
  12. Howl

    The role of the most exact aspect in the chart

    Why thankyou! Sagittarius is not the easiest sign for my mercury to find itself, so cazimi rather than combust is a blessing. Sun and Mercury are in house 6, sharing with Neptune, which is almost exaclty 6 degrees away. Just curiously, would you consider this as Neptune combust? I've always...
  13. Howl

    The role of the most exact aspect in the chart

    Re: conscious and unconscious aspects? I think the level of "conscious" experience of aspects (at least before studying astrology!) depends greatly on the planets and aspect involved, more so than the orb. My tightest aspect is a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius, just less than three...
  14. Howl

    The Battle of the Genders and Astrology

    Can never resist these conversations... I'm sure I had "more" rather than less testosterone in the womb, because I shared the womb with my brother! The "gender" balance of planets in our charts is highly masculine. Unfortunately though, we don't have exalted or dignified Mars(es, ho ho. What...
  15. Howl


    Starlink! Thankyou Thankyou :banana::69::banana: I am so excited having read what you wrote. And after two days of solid reading! Lilly isn't easy to read either :p I smiled when I read the word "commonwealth", because the job I start next week is with the the overseas aid program for the...
  16. Howl

    Does your descendant describe your partner

    Ahhh, I get it now! You are attracted to Pisceans because your mars is in Pisces (mars being considered an indicator of women's attraction to men, as Starlink pointed out), a separate point to your ascendant being Cancer. Sorry, misreading :p
  17. Howl

    Does your descendant describe your partner

    Pearlized - I like your name :). I also have a partner whose descendant is my ascendant, and vice versa. He has an 8" Capricorn ascendant, and I have an 11" Cancer ascendant. If you held our charts side by side and folded one over onto the other, the zodiac would almost match ;) I wouldn't be...
  18. Howl

    US Urges World's Scientists to Block Out Sun

    Ahah, I won't be part of this ice age ;) although I will no doubt be subject to either (or alternating) devastating storm or drought. I believe you're right. It is thought to be connected to the vegetation cycle in the northern hemisphere. As most of the earth's mass is in the northern...
  19. Howl

    Astrology Newbie.. With a question :)

    Hi there, I had to ask about avatars too :p I found mine via an "image" search on google. My advice is: search for the kind of images you want, download/save them to your computer, and then upload them using the User CP panel on this site. Enjoy the forum :)
  20. Howl

    The Yod of God

    transiting Yod pentacle?! Wasn't sure where to post this, as it's more of an observation/realisation that I wanted to share than a question :) My Yod is making dramatic patterns in the sky of my chart! I just took a moment to visualise the combination of outer transits I am experiencing, and I...