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    Will I get the job I interviewed for?

    Currently sending out my resume! My fingers are crossed to gain new employment before June. Can it be seen through my chart cast whether my most recent interview looks promising?
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    New Venture through the airwaves

    Hello Everyone - I am contemplating venturing into podcasting - I love discussing topics but also launching new and forgotten ways of thinking, whether this is in well-being through social trends. Can you see me having any success in my new venture?
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    Is he interested?

    I feel that we are getting closer - I am catching feelings but I want to see if he is also interested in me.
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    Did my boxing instructor like me?

    From what I see you are interested - as you (Libra) planet ruler (Venus) is the 7th house of relationship, the trainer's (Aries)planet ruler (Mars) falls in the 9th house (Gemini) of teaching you love the trainers' way of teaching you and are attracted in the way the trainer is communicating and...
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    Is he seeing someone else?

    So I have discovered he is married… you are all right and I was blind and burned.
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    Is he seeing someone else?

    Can anyone see through this chart cast today if he is with another and lost interest in me?
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    Work worries! - will I still work at the same place after my contract ends in June 30- just wondering :)

    Thank you - I am a good fit for the Marketing/ Events role - some immediate colleagues (mental health clinicians) don't see value in my position and feel they can do the role themselves.
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    Work worries! - will I still work at the same place after my contract ends in June 30- just wondering :)

    Thank you - I like that you have applied Arabic parts. This technique I have now become interested in this. Please pass on suggested authors dedicated to Arabic parts, as I would like to look into the method thoroughly.
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    ex retrograde

    My ex has reached out - what does he really want? Is this just venus retrograde playing a part? Kind regards, Volume:love: [please upload a transit chart to the AW Forum or upload a transit chart to a link site ( is NOT a link site) and provide the link - Moderator]
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    Heart Surgery

    Thank you Tikana, Hope you are safe as New Sout Wales re-visits another variant (omicron) and restrictions are slowly coming back to place as increases of residents are either testing, getting booster shots, in isolation, working from home. Everyone must wear a mask indoors. Celebratory venues...
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    Missing Leaflets

    Hi Community, Can you find from the chart provided if the leaflets handed and paid to the distributor actually mail out my leaflets to the local residents or were they thrown out? Local residential friends have informed my husband that no one has seen or received the leaflets in their...
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    Heart Surgery

    Thank you StarDust, Your reply was very needed. You were right concerning the operation that needs to be done. My father will be moving forward for the operation early next year. Let's (fingers and toes crossed) pray and hope that all goes promising and my father recovers well. Many thanks...
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    Election - will I win a seat?

    Hi Everyone, If anyone would like to review my post this would be gladly appreciated as elections are on this Saturday- and regards that happens this is for my husband and especially for my Dad who never gives up.
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    Heart Surgery

    This is very close to my heart as my father has had such a volatile year regarding his health. Surviving Cancer, Covid- my father will be having an angiogram this Friday to see if surgery is required. Can you all please guide me to see if this is required? Blessings Volume
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    Election - will I win a seat?

    Hi Community, I am a first-time candidate running for a local seat in council. Will, I be able to secure a seat? Many thanks, Volume.
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    Career Opportunities

    Thank you Martinbd!!!!
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    Career Opportunities

    What career opportunities are entering for me?
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    Career Opportunities

    Are their new career opportunities coming through?
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    Career - will i get a new job

    Hi IleneK, You're absolutely right - roles in the marketing and government are currently being held back especially now that new south wales are going through a lockdown. I have taken the liberty to pick up on my counselling studies and mess with local government campaigning. And yes I have...