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    I have seen the importance of dispositors in my chart. Or the lack of a final dispositor in my chart. It reinforces the lack of focus/confusion :confused: I have had in my life. Here is the traditional dispositor tree for my chart: Saturn <--------> Moon Saturn <-------- Mercury Saturn...
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    The most dangerous zodiac sign?

    The Astrology Research Journal on gives Sagittarius and Gemini an important part in the astrological personalities of serial killers.
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    Planetary ruler of Astrology

    Waybread, to be honest, I am not sure why the Arabic parts work. It is something I am wanting to study, to see how it works mathematically and geometrically. Here is a website I found from another thread on this community. It explains a little bit...
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    Planetary ruler of Astrology

    If anyone is looking for information to do a study, then my chart is here for reference. I have Uranus at 7.01 Scorpio trine the Part of Astrology at 6.13 Cancer, with an orb of (0.48). Uranus is trine the sun at 7.44 Pisces. The orb from the Sun to the Part of Astrology (1.31) is a little...
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    Which planet rules the chart?

    This is my first reply in this community, so I would like to say hi to everyone! I have read different ideas on chart rulership, and I am still not convinced that I have an overall chart ruler. I have Pluto 11 deg 12' Libra conjunct the ASC at 12 deg 39' Libra, Venus is at 9 deg 15' Aquarius...