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  1. IRIS70

    Tell me something that you love/hate in my chart

    I wish to thank you for your courageous response. However, this is one of the moments that I wished I were not right in my chart reading. Life is so unfair, but on the other hand, so far I haven't seen a chart without challenges. The difference is in the degree of challenges one has to face. :)
  2. IRIS70

    Tell me something that you love/hate in my chart

    Just found that! That coldness is related to Moo opp Saturn, as there seems to be an issue of trust to open up and express your feelings. There can be an issue accepting criticism, which appears harsh on you, you cannot put up with restriction/obligations imposed by others-which affects your...
  3. IRIS70

    Tell me something that you love/hate in my chart

    You've better study your chart yourself and read a couple of good Astrology books. However, what I find very challenging in your chart is your Libra Moon, tightly conjunct Chiron and opposite Saturn. Moon in 2nd, Saturn in 8th. I wonder what took place with your mother. There must be a story...
  4. IRIS70

    Solar return (stellium in 12th house)

    I am sorry for the late response, I hope you read this. Thank you for the chart. It is not so easy to use it, but I will make it do. As you can see, with the last chart you have posted, all the planets that worried you have changed houses. This is because you had used Whole Signs. The Sun is...
  5. IRIS70

    Solar return (stellium in 12th house)

    Hi Goldenjupiter,:) First, tell us a few things about you, so that we don't have to guess things. Are you married/in a relationship etc Do you work/are unemployed/looking for a job/struggling in career/are you into an art? Do you currently study? Are there any health issues? Also, you have...
  6. IRIS70

    My life seems to be determined a lot by fate

    Hi Clip,:) It's so interesting that your mother had an induced labor and you have Moon tightly conjunct Uranus, also tightly square Mars. When I gave birth to my daughter, I was induced as well. They used medicine to make my contractions more powerful, but I ended up having contractions that...
  7. IRIS70

    Why is feminine body parts inherently cursed & sinful?

    Simply put to make them submissive and keep them under control. It is a long story, ever since human beings walked on the planet. Maybe that way, they controlled as to who a woman went into sexual intercourse to make sure as who the father of any off-spring was. Women accepted that being weaker...
  8. IRIS70

    Natal Chart of a High-Ranking Firefighter

    Hello dear!:) I agree with all those who wrote you that first you need to know many events in this person's life with accuracy, like deaths, accidents, illnesses, children's birth time, also know a near exact time of birth say in the morning, around 10 o'clock etc, the looks and personality of...
  9. IRIS70

    Double kite in composite, meaning & significance

    I have seen a kite, the relationship runs smoothly, as the energies are compatible. However, do not forget, there is an opposition also involved and in this case, it is Mars opposite Neptune and Venus, which may create conflict, may indicate some illusion concerning the relationship. This was my...
  10. IRIS70

    What are the bad aspects on my 7th house?

    Hi dear,:) I agree with some of the posters above. I mostly feel that your major issue is caused by Venus opp Uranus/Neptune. Another issue that has not been mentioned so far is the intercepted Virgo/Pisces polarity in 7th/1st houses. My niece is born before you, she gets some similar...
  11. IRIS70

    Drugs - your opinion?

    Re read the first couple of pages. It is absurd! Only Waybread was sensible in those pages!
  12. IRIS70

    Drugs - your opinion?

    That's worth considering. Money is certainly the reason, so many make big money out of producing/selling it and it is not supposed to kill you, if you are in control, say one glass a day. Personally, I drink a glass, when I have a meal gathering with family members and not each time. The truth...
  13. IRIS70

    Drugs - your opinion?

    It is illegal to sell alcohol to people under 18yo. Of course, if they find it at home, that cannot be regulated. The parents have to control this. There are some rural areas that consider the consumption of alcohol to young boys, under the age of 18 is OK, because they are going to be men! Some...
  14. IRIS70

    Drugs - your opinion?

    Having read a good portion of this old and long thread, I wonder where the world is heading. I am mostly concerned about young people, having seen how young people in other countries like the USA are brainwashed with ideas that drug use is safe, if taken just a few times just for the experience...
  15. IRIS70

    Out of Sign Conjunctions by Transit

    For example, tMars at zero Leo, opposite Pluto on May 21st. On the same date, t Jupiter, at zero Taurus, square Pluto.
  16. IRIS70

    How should I/would you interpret this?

    Hi Gemini,:) Since your Lilith is so angular, in fact conj DC/opp ASC, I would expect that it's role is emphasized. Lilith is the powerful forbidden feminine side that the woman would embrace if she is truly empowered and independent. Lilith may bring up issues of injustice, feelings of being...
  17. IRIS70

    Hello everybody ...

    Welcome, Sabeth,:) I've been a member in Astrodienst forum for many years too. Maybe you have changed your nickname, because I cannot recall it. On the other hand, there were so many members, maybe I just cannot recall it. As you already know, there are many members from ex-Astrodienst here. I...
  18. IRIS70

    Eclipses aspecting natal placements

    Hi Gemini,:) Since we are talking about eclipses, the tighter the orbit, the more probable to effect your chart. In the books I have read and according to my experience, the maximum orbit is up to 3.5 degrees orb for conjunction and opposition of the eclipse degree to a natal planet and a degree...
  19. IRIS70

    Natal Pluto in the First House

    Hi Uranianplutonian!:) It is agreed! However, the effect is not easily felt. Malefics manifest their potential in harsh aspects. That offers experiences that we cannot ignore/forget. In soft ones, they can be of help, supportive, but their influence is weaker. A good aspect I have seen...
  20. IRIS70

    Neptune in the First House or Pisces Rising?

    In answer to your 1st question, the rest of her horoscope, with a Cardinal Sun and T-Square, a Saturn opposition Pluto, a Leo Moon opposite Uranus, her grand Trine in Air, many Quintiles etc Each bears a meaning. The Ascendant is not everything.The Ascendant is how others perceive you both...