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  1. cosmicseeing

    A Discussion Thread About Racism in America

    The artists I admire in the musical community are talented people of color. Here I'll share lyrics of a song by Mereba, titled Heatwave and featuring 6lack Run, run, run You better run, run, run like a demon chasin' you Run, run 'til your face is blue Run, run Run, run You better run, run, run...
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    Playlist of the Week(music)

    a playlist I created 5 days ago scorp Eternal Light - Free Nationals A'int So -JGrrey Special Affair - The Internet Sticky - Ravyn Lenae Out Of My Way - RIMON Red Clay - Charlotte Dos Santos Kinfolk - Mereba HYD - Joy Postell Something - JGrrey God's House - JGrrey Doubt Nothing - JGrrey...
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    Do first house planets affect every area of life? Personal experiences, please!

    I have never looked at my sideral chart, and also I've never read the gospel of thomas but I am familiar with all of the new testament. Very interesting though, I will have to look into both as well as John Willner's books. Thank you leomoon. also I wanted to say Mercury is right on my...
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    Do first house planets affect every area of life? Personal experiences, please!

    I have AC 14°, North Node 24° Mars 27° Virgo and Moon 0° Libra in the 1st house, in whole sign just North Node and Mars. These are all square my Sun 22 Gemini in the 10th house. I would say that honestly, it does affect all areas of my life because I have somewhat of an obsession on how I am...
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    Neptune SQUARE Sun

    Now that I feel like I'm finally out of Neptune(conjunct DC) square Mercury(MC) influence, next year, Neptune is going to square my Sun in Gemini. I want to be prepared for this.. After Neptune/Mercury square I am dreading it square my Sun.. I've heard/read nothing but bad things.. Nataly I have...
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    Minor Aspects: Quntile, Biquintile, Sesiquisquare

    Thank you for your response Cary2. I am interested in learning more about the 5th harmonic and interpreting the harmonic charts in general
  7. cosmicseeing

    Minor Aspects: Quntile, Biquintile, Sesiquisquare

    I am wondering, what is your perspective on minor aspects such as the Quintile, Bi-Quintile, Sesiquisquare? Even the semisextile and inconjunct? I ask because I have a few exact aspects with exact Quintiles, Biquintiles and Sesiquisquares. How do these planets energies coalesce? I've read...
  8. cosmicseeing

    Addiction Drugs/Gambling, Delusional, Paranoia

    Thank you for your feedback greybeard. Pluto has always been difficult for me to understand, and you have highlighted a lot for me to consider. you also shed a lot of light about the bowl pattern and simplifying. Thank you again!
  9. cosmicseeing

    Addiction Drugs/Gambling, Delusional, Paranoia

    No, I don't need "special individual astrological help and advice" with my own chart. I'm familiar with my own chart. I have had problems with this person in the past, I was simply asking for feedback. I don't speak with him anymore but he has made an impact in my life. I'm not asking for...
  10. cosmicseeing

    Career advice for Gemini

    I recently made the decision to go into the field of psychology to begin a career working in behavioral health. What do you see about career? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
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    Addiction Drugs/Gambling, Delusional, Paranoia

    deleted decided to delete this
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    Virgo ascendants, share your skeletons in closet!

    My asc is 15 degrees Virgo.. North node 24 virgo, so south node is 24 pisces in the 7th house. Mars, Moon in 1st house. Saturn in Aries in 8th house. In middle school, my friend told me she liked someone, I turned around and dated him! I don't think I even liked him. I did it again with...
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    Natal Chart Reading

    deleted for personal reasons deleted for personal reasons
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    Do You Believe My Transits Indicate A New Boyfriend?

    transiting Neptune trine Venus can be an indicator of falling in love.
  15. cosmicseeing

    Insights on this Composite & Synastry Chart?

    Thank you rahu. I definitely sense we have an astral/dream-like connection, although I haven't remembered many details in dreams lately, I feel he is prominent in essence of subtle subconscious messages. I honestly feel being brought together is a past-life connection, as if we have unfinished...
  16. cosmicseeing

    Insights on this Composite & Synastry Chart?

    If it makes a difference, the progressed composite Moon is forming a grand trine with Pluto and Saturn, sextile North Node. I definitely sense that we will have challenges as a couple.
  17. cosmicseeing

    Insights on this Composite & Synastry Chart?

    I would really appreciate anyone's insight as to what they see in these charts, I have attached the composite and the synastry. He is the outer circle. I am including a few transit aspects, I have found them really helpful in understanding how him and I have been pulled together. Transit -...
  18. cosmicseeing

    Transiting Uranus conjunct Jupiter

    I know someone who birthed a child under this transit. The child decided to leave earth before 6 months.
  19. cosmicseeing

    Karmic Sister Synastry

    delete 0000000000
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    Mars in Aries, Jupiter conjunct Chiron

    This is my sisters chart. I'm asking for insight into all the hard aspects, like all the Mars squares.. Sun opposite Uranus, Neptune. How do you feel like these would express? Scorpio midheaven very much colors her personality, I notice all the trines to the moon, and also the square to Venus in...