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    What is a Stellium ?

    Stelliums are three or more planets in conjunction and I don't count the angles as being part of a stellium - imo, your son only has one stellium, in his 8th house. Right. Think of transits to stelliums like a train going to each station. The closer the planets are, the sooner the train...
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    USA charts - the ultimate debate

    I am pea-green with jealousy! :D is an interesting short article by Susan Madrak.
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    Astrology of Fame and Celebration

    I'm wondering, with Prince Albert's chart, is it Pluto at zero degrees Virgo that "drives" him in environmental issues? Do Venus & Chiron in the 9th in Aquarius have a role to play here as well? Also, recently read about his girlfriend - Charlene. Her birth data is January 25, 1978, in...
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    AstroGeography maps

    Ah! Johan had already posted a link to the Collaborate With Fate website! I tend to get lost here :D
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    Pluto In Leo Generation

    AM Take a look at the history of the late 1730's - Pluto entered Scorpio on January 1, 1737, went back into Libra on April 5, 1737, and then back to Scorpio on October 2, 1737, for an idea of what Scorpio in Pluto is like. See: And then go over what the...
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    Where and When? / Next Fundamentalist Terrorist Attack?

    Draco Your analysis is amazing. No insult to your analysis is intended but, I hope you're wrong. I imagine you do as well. I don't have much to add, except that I think your reasoning makes a lot of sense - and woman have been doing more terrorist attacks of late - so I think your analysis...
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    Gemstones and Astrology

    Sunlight is a much better idea :D Though some gems will fade with too much exposure to light, just to cleanse them wouldn't cause any problems. On programming... the chart could be done, either as a css or in java or even html.
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    Gemstones and Astrology

    Radu, thanks for pointing out - it's a good site :D Lapis, why sea salt to cleanse the gemstones? I'm a gem collector and there are several gemstones I wouldn't put into sea salt (or anything else!).
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    Astrology of Fame and Celebration

    Thank you AM. I've followed the directions before and you had to come along and clean up the mess I made :D I'll give it a try again when I have a chart to post.
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    Astrology of Fame and Celebration

    I'll start. I hope this fits the category. I'm interested in Polar topics and recently Prince Albert of Monaco finished an expedition to the North Pole. The trip started on April 10 and finished yesterday. He was the first Head of State to get to the North Pole. I still haven't mastered the...
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    So, what's the Aquarian Age?

    Thanks for the links Kite. I was wondering if Chiron was the key (no pun intended).
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    Astrology Jokes

    That's a Pisces thing? I thought it was all my Virgo :D Hate, loathe, shopping. Rather have my liver eaten by vultures. While I watch! Though, with Cancer rising, I will go food shopping. But only when there nothing, NOTHING, left in the house to eat.
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    So, what's the Aquarian Age?

    Ditto I don't know how I managed that one :mrgreen:
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    So, what's the Aquarian Age?

    Double posting - sorry
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    So, what's the Aquarian Age?

    This is slightly off-topic, but your comment above is a close as I can get to finding the right place to ask my question: The re-appearing of the gnostic gospels (Dead Sea Scrolls) after the end of the second world war - where's the connection from their first writings and coming out now? What...
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    Moon landing horary

    Thanks for the link Radu. It's really sad.
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    Moon landing horary

    FWIW, I believe the landing on the Moon happened. Can't explain why two horary charts say otherwise. But that's not the question I'm answering... President Kennedy challenged the United States to put a man on the Moon before the end of the decade in his first Inagural speech. This...
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    Emergence of a new astrology?

    I've often thought about how astrology would change when we colonize Mars. I think that will happen before we emigrate to the Moons of Jupiter. It will be the first step in creating a portable Astrology. Living on Mars will not greatly change our perspective or astrology as living on one of...
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    I found a couple of descriptions:
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    Astrology and Numerology

    Chaldean! Thank you Futurist!