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    nessus/dejanira/juno conjunction

    it seems he would be the one to be abused
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    Where are my fellow Dogs??🐕 ❤️ (Chinese Astro)

    im a water dog and my parents are earth dogs and i dont get along with them at all. i really think elements matter more. they say dragons are our enemies, but i think they are dynamic. anyway, the one i dated was a fire one and that didnt end well at all but it was fun. he was so funny. i have...
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    Anxiety, OCD and stress disorders

    look to the 6th house and its ruler jupiter. you might also check where the asteroid maniac falls. other than that, post the chart,dude.
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    Do I have HPV?

    thank you all for your caring, and i'm so glad your husband is ok! i've been celebate for years now so no worries about me giving to anyone. a former partner told me i gave it to him but i didn't believe him. they say most people have some strain of it but when i asked the question i meant...
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    Do I have HPV?
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    Did my ex leave the dog for me to find?

    I found a lost dog years ago and he is my precious pet. I was wondering if my ex left him for me to find.
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    NPD coworker

    I posted my chart, so u don't have to wonder. You are very naive. I need the money. My manager is 100% complicit. She has witnessed the abuse and given ME dirty looks for it. There are 3'people who work in the store, manager, abuser and me. When I finally called HR the voicemail somehow ended...
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    NPD coworker

    Also, her Nessus and Venus conjunct. I have obtained birth data without times of her family and boyfriend to further the study. I met her father once, oddly he came in without her, on a day she wasn't working, to pick up an order. He didn't say a word. Very strange indeed. She portrays her...
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    NPD coworker

    I am dealing with a sick individual at work. If anyone has any insight, please share. It took a little over a year for me to figure out what was going on. She has hit me multiple times. She is friends with the manager so I told the manager but said I didn't want to get her in trouble. She has...
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    Will she and I reunite?

    No. You already know this to be the case according to the late ascending degree. I just did one with a late ascending degree and while I didn't know I suspected and that just confirmed for me what I suspected because our charts both reflect the spirit of the question. So I'm not sure if it's...
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    Is she interested?

    Mercury rules the 2nd n 10th houses in the horary.
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    Is she interested?

    I would say she is interested in your money. Sun and Saturn are natural enemies. Your mercury(finances and reputation/career) are at risk because it is combust, so close to the sun. Sun also in the same sign as the north node. The moon trining Mercury is the next aspect the moon will make, then...
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    Difficulties of making a relationship so far.What is the cause?

    Honestly, things get better. Do you have family you could talk to ?
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    I am unclear about a couple things with my chart

    I think the orb is too wide but saturn is strong so u might count it... Plus the aspect is separating, unless mars is retrograde, maybe check midpoints to see any correlation between saturn/mars. Significant planets jump out sometimes when you look at midpoints, and gives and explanation beyond...
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    Guess this babies sun, rising & moon sign...

    Taurus sun, Pisces rising, Capricorn moon
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    Part of Fortune in Virgo, 10th house, What does it mean?

    Posting a chart helps but is no guarantee someone will reply. Most of the questions I post do not get responded to. Basically jupiter asc is telling you to do it yourself, but if you could, you wouldn't be posing the question. 10th house has to do with public image and opposite sex parent. So...
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    Is this the end of our relationship?

    I agree yes it is over venus in his 4th house of endings. Moon in 8th, did you ever give him money?
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    Husband seems too selfish to me

    Hi will u please upload synastry chart and composite chart from, not astrotheme. Thanks.
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    Fixed stars

    Because it falls at roughly 26 taurus, so would be in your ninth house. It tries your north node. This is the fixed star that most astrologers consider the worst most malevolent fixed star so it's a good thing to not have it conjunct anything. It might be parallel by declination though, I didn't...