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  1. Chirongirl

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I did not ask a question but love this Knight. It fits my situation. I have been resisting his progress for a while. I am taking this card. I leave 6 of cups.
  2. Chirongirl

    Solar eclipse on North Node

    How does a solar eclipse affect someone when it occered at their North Node in one degree orb and Squared by Mars/Uranus Conjunction? The upcoming Solar eclipse of 21st May going to occer at my daughters North Node (her North Node is in 29 degree Taraus). It is also going to be squared by her...
  3. Chirongirl

    What in my chart makes me so violent and scary?

    Thats Sun square Pluto, I have the same aspect and I know exactly what you mean. :)
  4. Chirongirl

    What in my chart makes me so violent and scary?

    Thats your T square between Sun, Pluto and Saturn. Its very clear in your chart!! :)
  5. Chirongirl

    I think i'm in big trouble O:

    Capricorns are not anti social!! They are cool people with stable mind and a lot of self control. Having both Sun and moon is Capricorn should make you a stable and level headed person who does things after a lot of contemplation. This is so much better than having most of the planets in Air...
  6. Chirongirl

    Will I be able to do this job?

    I might sound stupid, but I would like to say what I see in your chart anyway. Taking the part of your personality which is Pluto (Pluto being also the ruler of Scorpio and its placement in 3rd shows you have been thinking and communicating about the job) I would like to say, this might not be...
  7. Chirongirl

    10 degrees Libra

    10 Degree Libra is the Point of the Fixed star Vendametrix, which is known as the Star of Widowhood.
  8. Chirongirl

    Bad luck in a chart :-(

  9. Chirongirl

    Transit headache, Please help!

    Currently Transiting Pluto is going through my 2nd house opposing my 8th houseMercury in 3 Degree Orb and Transiting Uranus, who is travelling through my 5th house is squaring my Poor little Mercury in 1 Degree orb.Transiting sun, venus, mercury, neptune, mars, chiron and Lilith is aslo...
  10. Chirongirl

    Venus square Chiron

    Hi Astrologer50, thank you so much for your reply and the links. Yes, I do have a malicious and aflicted 7th house. Having Mars is in 7th house conjunct Sun, NN, Juno squared by Pluto and Uranus is not fun! I hope I know how to break the Karmic pattern and finish this paying back! Its been too...
  11. Chirongirl

    Venus square Chiron

    Hi Svencanz, Thank you ever so much for your kind reply. You make so much sense. Most of my significat relationships were with peopel whos personal planets conjuncts my Ascendant or Neptune, which is my South node point too, and they always tend to end in disaster! 25 degree of scorpio is my...
  12. Chirongirl


    Yes...and then there is a 8 house Saturn! I am not aware of synsatry of Latitude. I was trying to find some syanstry on chart angels. All the resources I found mainly speaks about the conjunctions between angles and planets or nodes. I haven't found any reference on same angle synastry. I...
  13. Chirongirl


    Hi Miquar, Thank you so much for pointing out the odds, I totally overlooked that. But in this particular case, these 2 people are not born in the same place; one was born in Asia and another in Europe and the age difference is also great! They are not internet friends, they were rather brought...
  14. Chirongirl


    I am a totally baffled by this synsatry. How can 2 birthcharts match like that?!! Please tell me what you think about it. Any idea would be highly appreciated. A lot of thanks.
  15. Chirongirl

    Moon in Aquarius

    It's not only Aqua Moon, you have an afflicted 7th house, whith Jupiter in it. The opposition of Uranus and saturn does not help either. The again, Uranus rising people are always a bit strage! :)
  16. Chirongirl

    Business or pleasure?

    In my opinion, with out exact birthdata it is actually almost impossible to answer your question, and the compatibility depends a lot of which house both of your planets domiciled in to. You may, alternatively, raise a Horary chart asking the same question. Hopefully that will give you some...
  17. Chirongirl

    Is our relationship going to work out?

    The chart is not readable. When the ascendant of a horary chart is from 0 to 3 degrees, it is normally believe that it is tooe arly to answer this question. Or perhaps it is too late and you already know the answer! I would suggest you to upload a Synastry and a Midpoint composite chart. They...
  18. Chirongirl

    i would like to ask a question concerning my career

    Hi, I will try to read your chart as I am an aspiring lawyer too!!:happy: First thing you need to know about a Horary chart is, when the ascendant is in early degrees (0-3) of a sign, it is too early to answer your question. And the chart is considered not good enough to predict a result...
  19. Chirongirl

    My career

    Moon in 2nd house makes one's flow of income/money changable. He also have North node in 2nd house in Leo which means he needs to value warm human relationships over mechanical progress. He needs to Allow himsel to have fun earning money and foucs on earning money through creative pursuits. He...
  20. Chirongirl

    What effect does a leo rising have on Capricorn sun and Gemini moon ?

    I don't understand Cafeastrology's chart. For some weired reason their house system is not like others. There one seems reverse. I normally make my charts from If you make one from astro...I would try to read that for you. :)