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    How do my Boyfriend and I stack up?

    Thank you!! I do in-fact have a bad habit of putting my partners before myself. One thing I’m worried about right now is that he still hasn’t said he loves me. This will be the healthiest and longest relationship I’ve ever been in, but also the longest time I’ve gone without the man saying he...
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    How do my Boyfriend and I stack up?

    He’s my boyfriend already. I have his permission.
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    Please read my chart!!

    I’ve posted the times instead; the link for Imgur in the directions doesn’t work.
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    How do my Boyfriend and I stack up?

    I posted the times instead. I’ve read the directions; they say to post through Imgur, but the link provided doesn’t work for me. Sorry :,)
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    How do my Boyfriend and I stack up?

    Times are posted; sorry about that, the forum directions say to post through Imgur but the link they provided “does not exist”.
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    How do my Boyfriend and I stack up? Mine is the inner circle, his is the outer. I’ve been through many manipulative, even abusive relationships, and this is the first healthy relationship I’ve ever been in. Thank...
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    What does this T-square mean?

    Ah, that makes more sense. A certain website I used brought it up. Now I know it’s not reliable! Thank you so much for your feedback!!
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    Hello, friends! My name is Eli, I’m a junior astrologist who’s interested in deep reading charts. The most interesting thing about my chart is that it repeats itself! I have a…. Ascendant in Virgo Sun in Cancer Moon in Pisces Mercury in Leo Venus in Cancer Mars in Pisces Jupiter in Leo Saturn...
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    Please read my chart!! Thank you so much!! Any input is appreciated. Edit: I am unable to attach a chart through imgur like the directions say… My birth time is July 18, 2003 9:38 AM, Dallas TX
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    What does this T-square mean?

    Hi everybody! I recently realized I have a T-square in my chart and I need some help deciphering! It reads Ascendant in Virgo opp. Uranus in Pisces with MC in Gemini as the focal. I also noticed that my sun and moon (cancer and Pisces respectively) are trine at 25°, both sextile my North...