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    Welcome here, Hoping you'll find answers aventually... Best regards,
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    New member

    Welcome here Danielle, hoping you'll get some of the answers you need !
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    Birth chart reading

    Hmmm... Obviously, A natal Sun in the 8th house is full of crisis. With this specific placement, you surely have to be brave.Tho, don't misunderstand me, crisis are good to grow up... You can't realize it right now but you will one day, I guess. Transiting Saturn made damages, crossing your...
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome Leahlee, Taurus Sun, Libra ascending... Just like Stevie Wonder, it's just great !!! ;-)
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    Please respond me, will i loose my father ?

    You're right. I didn't study seriously Horary Astrology. But It's not the point here. Knowing the longevity of a person is something. Revealing it is something else. It's my opinion, I can't say I owe the Truth.
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    Hello there

    Welcome here Jeanie, I'm a Libra rising sign... Libra, I know you...!!! :smile: Hoping you'll get knowledge and have fun on this forum... S.
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    Please respond me, will i loose my father ?

    Sorry that you disagree Tikana. Deb Houlding knows probably a lot. Still, I'm not sure she would be ok with treating that kind of question in a public forum. Ethical might not be the right word but obviously, talkin' about death is not that innocent, malicious or not.
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    Welcome here !!! Hoping you'll find help and answers to your questions.
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    Any young people into astrology?

    Astrology requires a lot of personal work, in the dark or in the forg at first. Then, after a while, light comes and intuition. Too bad if you don't have friends IRL who share your passion. Anyway, you don't need them or just need their natal charts to learn how to practice astrology and gain...
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    Please respond me, will i loose my father ?

    Imo, you're not supposed to ask this kind of question and nobody can take the responsability to answer you, yes or no. It's just not ethical.
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    Hey yasminas, did you get that in a chain Tarot, you're supposed to leave a card after receiving the last ? :andy:
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    Can i be a singer ?

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    people tell my that my chart is "strange"?

    I was tellin' myself that your chart is very strange indeed... :biggrin:
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I was wondering about my money issues... I guess X of coins is quite good... I leave Wheel of Fortune !
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked about my job issues. I leave The Strenght.
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    Ecuador vs France

    France ftw !
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    Themes of Balance

    Welcome here ! Hoping you'll find some answers and a new link to the Invisible... Sam, a Libra.
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    Jupiter cnj MC

    I'm in the middle of it ! My MidH is 19°24 Cancer... 12 years ago, a job came out of the blue. Today, nothing from nothing out of the black...where I'm go back...! :crying:
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    Here's my chart

    Uranus transiting your Sun... Blame it on Uranus, the planet of Atrology by the way, planet of Independance, of Revolution... A planet who can get your mental abilities to another level.... Are you generally a rebel ? Natal Uranus so close to your asc. is quite a thing... :whistling:
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    New Moon May 28 - This one is a looker!

    Thank you !!! You made it clear. Very nice from from you !!!