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    Jaycee Lee Dugard

    Dugard's afflicted Saturn is indicative of her imprisonment. It rules her intercepted first house and is the focal point of a t-square with Neptune, Moon, Venus and her asc/des axis. That's quite restrictive. Also, natal Jupiter, co-ruler of her first house, and Mars, ruling her 4th are in...
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    Relocation vs Natal chart?

    Although I consider the natal chart to be most important, I've also learned to pay attention to relocation placements. In my own chart, sun, mercury and mars in pisces in natal 10th and 11th houses ended up in the 12th when I moved 3000 miles away. And my personality did change drastically--I...
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    Transit Pluto opposing natal Uranus

    Byron, I couldn't access your chart so can't make specific comments about your current transits but the fatigue, alcohol intolerance and betrayal by friends sound like Neptune/Pisces issues. You mentioned a stellium in Pisces--are any of the planets in early degrees? Transiting Neptune is in...
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    Catherine Zeta-Jones has no indications of wealth...?

    She has excellent financial indicators. Venus, natural ruler of Taurus and the archetypal 2nd house on a grand trine, all the planets in earth. And her Venus is in a money house, the 8th--partner's money. Venus also makes a tight semi sextile to the 8th ruler Sun. Her 2nd house ruler Uranus...
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    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when...

    You know you're an astrology junkie when you crash your car into a tree and the first thing you do when you arrive home (after washing the blood from your face) is set up your chart to see the transits.
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    a loner...but the chart shows otherwise?

    Tracey, although you're a Sag rising, Capricorn is intercepted in the 1st with Saturn, the ruler, in Pisces, which describes your sensitivity, introversion, depression and need for solitude very well. And then your tight Moon-Neptune opposition gives emphasis to that Pisces flavor. You...
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    Tell me something positive about my natal chart.

    Travel, adventure, initiative, sudden life changes, attraction to non-conformist independent people, and the ability to work hard for what you want.
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    Super Bowl end-of-game time?

    Anyone know the exact (to the minute) Super Bowl end-of-game time? I forgot to write it down. Thanks
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    Saturn oppossed my sun...and I got a job?

    If your astrology software has the option, set up your chart and transits in a 24 harmonic dial (15 degree increments). It shows all the aspects including semi-squares and sesquisquares.
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    Saturn oppossed my sun...and I got a job?

    You had and have so many strong transits that you don't even have to look at progressions to see the changes. Transiting uranus is approaching your natal Jupiter, natural ruler of the 9th of education and squaring natal 9th planets, including saturn-career. That's probably one of the main...
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    A new era for physics- The large hadron collider

    Someone over at pointed out that Pluto is stationary direct now, increasing the potency of the "planet". Could indicate the transformative effect of the knowledge gained from CERN as we peer deeply into the secrets of nature.
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    Saturn oppossed my sun...and I got a job?

    Saturn wasn't the only transit activating your chart during that period. You have to take the other planets into consideration too.
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    Saturn Return, exact degrees

    madribub, you can probably consider saturn's next retrograde as the beginning of your saturn return which is late december. Transiting saturn doesn't reach your exact degree but gets close enough. It'll last through summer 2009.
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    Serious astrology

    I was very lucky to train with a knowledgeable and experienced astrologer. After an impressive reading by him, I kept calling, asking when he'd be teaching a class and then one day he told me his assistant had quit and to bring over my chart for an interview. I didn't have to say a word while...
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    Rectifying Sarah Palin

    I agree with the moon in capricorn placement. She's too conservative for an aquarian moon. How about aries rising with cap on the midheaven with moon and mercury in the 10th. If so, her aries venus would be connected to her asc, probably in the 12th and mars ruler conj sun. And for her nice...
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    Serious astrology

    A good way to test an astrologer's predictive ability is to have him/her point out incidents or exceptional cycles in your past. If the astrologer can't do that without hints from you then there's no reason to believe they'll be accurate about your future.
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    Terrible box

    Could be Venus, Mercury and Mars transiting early Libra square your natal Saturn-Mercury opposition. Also midpoint Pluto-Jupiter is approaching cj natal Saturn. With your Virgo Moon, most stress will probably manifest physically as some sort of body discomfort. Good idea to rechannel the...
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    Aries Daughter Scorpio Mother

    Looks as if the problem is just a basic difference of personalities. There are a lot of conflicts between the two charts. And with your mother's Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Sagittarius Mercury square Mars, she can be demanding, manipulative and verbally abrasive. Nothing you can do but...
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    Please help...struggling

    Cocoapuff, no wonder you're struggling. Saturn is making difficult transits that are affecting your attitude, relationships, energy, health, work, philosophy, friends--just about every area of your life. It's in Virgo, conjunct Mercury and Venus, squaring Jupiter and Uranus, and semi square...
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    Olympics Astrology

    Michael, where's your natal neptune? It's placement may explain why you like swimming so much.