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  1. astrology02

    SATURN RETURN...please help me astrology friends :(

    Hi Lin, Thank you so much for your reply, it really resonates with me. Although I have overcome the gambling for right now. It is always in the back of my mind that the compulsive and addictive behaviour will come back when I have a weak moment. I was lucky to have the support to overcome...
  2. astrology02

    Saturn opposition Moon, what's this about?

    I remember going through this transit, I felt very depressed at the time. Saturn was transiting my 10th house in scorpio opposing my 4th house taurus moon. At the time I was fed up with my career, was the beginning of going back to school. The depression didn't last for long. Saturn is faster...
  3. astrology02

    SATURN RETURN...please help me astrology friends :(

    Thank you so much Osamenor for the reply! I didn't realize that when saturn was in sagittarius it was squaring my sun, mars and mercury! That can explain also why I have been feeling depressed and heaviness the past couple years! I feel things will get better eventually, I just wanted to make...
  4. astrology02

    HELP! Worried about upcoming Pluto Transits

    Right now you are probably experiencing some issues around your relationships/family/home life. The best thing to do with pluto transits is to do meditation, and learn to let go of what no longer serves you. The last couple years have been rough to say the least, you went through your saturn...
  5. astrology02

    moon pluto opposition

    I have this aspect too...moon in taurus opposite I can sympathize with you :) It is definitely one that tests you. Because I have this aspect myself, what I am going to say comes from a place of compassion:love: With any opposition aspect it will play out through your...
  6. astrology02

    Health problems in my chart?

    I do sense some health concerns...because your 6th house in the sensitive water sign of pisces. Pisces is ruled by neptune, and your neptune is conflicted in your chart (affecting the sun- which represents our overall vitality and also affecting the moon- emotions). But the good news is that...
  7. astrology02

    SATURN RETURN...please help me astrology friends :(

    Hi friends :) I am currently just beginning my saturn return. I have attached my chart below. I have Saturn in capricorn, 12th house in my natal chart. To add to the intensity Saturn is my chart ruler. Last year...I developed a compulsive gambling problem. Which put me in a massive amount...
  8. astrology02

    lack of enjoyment n scarcity of friends

    Typically people with sun in the 1st are more independent, self relient. Also venus in the 12th could be contributing...but to be 100% sure you need her date of birth with time & location.
  9. astrology02

    lack of enjoyment n scarcity of friends

    Hi, do you have her birthdate and time/location of birth if available?
  10. astrology02

    Life Torment

    Hi there, I would say a lot of your issues in life have to do with where pluto is placed in your chart. Because your ascendant is in scorpio, pluto is also your chart ruler which adds a punch. And also it is conjunct your ascendant- I am currently going through this transit now- so I can only...
  11. astrology02

    Will I Get Fired From My Job?

    Hi everyone, Of course this is a question suited for Mercury retrograde :) I was wondering ... Will I be fired from my job? I work in the healthcare field- I have been doing this job for about a year and a half so far. I thought by now this job would be second nature but it is still a...
  12. astrology02

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I ask a general question about the upcoming months I leave the 5 of cups
  13. astrology02

    Getting to the bottom of my IC and it's poison... Chiron? Pluto?

    Yes you're right 4th house which is related to home/family is very heavy. Chiron being so close to your IC is what makes you feel this way about your family. I can definitely see that there is a lot of pain related to the home life so it makes sense how you moved away to college. Your chiron...
  14. astrology02

    who is my chart ruler?

    Technically your Ascendant is in Libra, ruled by venus...hope this helps :) But I really love Dr.Farr's explanation and believe it's the most accurate!
  15. astrology02

    Wanted to share my chart

    Your chart is very interesting to me. I study numerology as well and what stood out to me is you are born on the 22nd day of the 11th month. In Chinese culture these numbers are both considered master numbers. And then also when they add together they total 33 which is a master number as well...
  16. astrology02

    is there any attraction/felling from his side?

    It's hard to tell without a synastry chart But judging by the aspects you posted I would say there is more attraction on your part to him rather than him to you. Because your sun conjuncts his ASC it was like when you met him you instantly felt comfortable around him...things just clicked...
  17. astrology02

    Will I be Moving departments at my job?…need to know is the Sun combust in this chart

    Hi everyone, I would just like to update this horary for learning purposes... It has been about 13 months or so- I am still working at the same company, same job, same department :)
  18. astrology02

    Coming to a complete breakdown on all levels

    Don't worry things will get better after your Saturn Return. Saturn Return is hard for the average person but because your saturn is making so many challenging aspects to your personal planets (especially your venus and chiron) it is an extremely difficult time. People who have chiron opposite...
  19. astrology02

    Why am I the giver who never gets back?

    Hi Glinda :) I think it is transiting pluto squaring your natal pluto may be having an affect but the exact aspect has occurred so this transit will be lessening) . But in my opinion the biggest reason for these feelings is transiting pluto is approaching your descendant. (still about 6-7...
  20. astrology02

    Latent Psychic ability?

    Yes I would definitely say you have some clairvoyant abilities…how much you tap into them is up to you :) Your sun is at 29 degrees Aquarius..a lot of people with 29 degree in their chart are clairvoyant. But particularly the Aquarius/ Leo axis…I should know my sun is directly opposite yours :)...