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  1. inhuman_meow

    My (Serious Lack of) Harmonious Relationships?

    Froggy-- XD I think our similarities are cool, in a freaky way, lol. Especially the nebula thing, lol. Why do you have a nebula on your desktop? XD And the friends situation sounds like me, though. If you don't mind, could you tell me more about yourself? What's your major in college, what are...
  2. inhuman_meow

    New to the forum!

    Hey, Rachael. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :p
  3. inhuman_meow

    Hey guys

    Hello, Miracle, and welcome to the forums!
  4. inhuman_meow

    Playlist of the Week(music) (Apple CM with V.L.V) (42) (Viva La Vida full, no vid) You didn't ask for any of that, but I figured I'd post it anyway, lol. XD The commercial I was talking about...
  5. inhuman_meow

    Playlist of the Week(music)

    Nakashima Mika- WILL Coldplay- 42 Sylvia- Pillow Talk ERASURE- A Little Respect Korn- Twisted Transistor Lila Downs- Agua de Rosas The Police- Message In A Bottle Shiina Ringo- Kougousei Yoshida Kyoudai- Arigato Akeboshi- Yellow Moon Radiohead- How To Disappear Completely
  6. inhuman_meow

    Hey :)

    Hey James. Enjoy yourself, and I hope to see you around. XD
  7. inhuman_meow

    Hi Guys

    What's up, Vardigon? (<-- first attempt at an informal greeting, lol.) What books do you like to read?
  8. inhuman_meow

    hello all

    Hello, silenced! Welcome to the forums, and I hope to see you around. :p
  9. inhuman_meow

    Which sign your baby would you like to be ?

    I think having a kid with either an Aquarius, Scorpio or Capricorn ascendant would be fun, but my kid(s) will be great regardless. :p
  10. inhuman_meow

    Playlist of the Week(music)

    Shiina Ringo- Poltergeist Shiina Ringo- Hai, Hai Gackt- Tsuki No Uta Gnarls Barkley- Online Radiohead- How to Disappear Completely Radiohead- Nude
  11. inhuman_meow

    Hello everybody

    Hello, Nicewitch! I hope to see ya around!
  12. inhuman_meow

    Hello everybody.

    Hello, Caelia! Nice to see someone into anime and manga (at least outside of Crunchyroll, and on this forum); I think you'll have a good time here. Do you listen to any Japanese music?
  13. inhuman_meow

    Playlist of the Week(music)

    Radiohead (I've been obsessed with them lately- perhaps it was because of their touring in my city): *Nude *Paranoid Android *Climbing Up The Walls *House of Cards *Jigsaw Falling Into Place Hedwig and the Angry Inch: *The Origin of Love *Midnight Radio *Wig In a Box *Wicked Little Town I...
  14. inhuman_meow

    Gamers Unite

    You mean, like dating sims? Where you build up stats and date a girl character in hopes of her becoming your girlfriend? I've played some of those online. They can be so much fun. :) Have you played Hitman:Contracts? Have you beat the game? I need help. :confused:
  15. inhuman_meow

    Gamers Unite

    Gameboy (ha!), N64 (ha!x2), Xbox, Xbox360, PS2 (RIP). My favorite games are fighter games, RPGs, and survival horrors. Star Wars: KOTOR I & II, Sims 2, Dead Or Alive, Fatal Frame series, Rule of Rose, Hitman: Contracts, BloodRayne 1 & 2, Tao Feng, Fuzion Frenzy, Paper Mario, BioFreaks, are a...
  16. inhuman_meow

    Tell Me About Your Tenth House

    Hmm, I don't think my question made sense. So, I'll move on to my chart. I have Uranus closest to the Midheaven, conjunct Neptune, both of which have a lot of negative aspects. Saturn in Aquarius is...just hanging out in the tenth house (and 11th). So yeah.
  17. inhuman_meow

    Tell Me About Your Tenth House

    Okay. I have a stellium in my tenth house (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, P.O.F., North Node, and Juno) and it creeps me out because I don't know what to make of it. To comfort myself I wanted to know about what you guys have in your tenth houses and how it has manifested itself (if it has at all) in...
  18. inhuman_meow

    'allo 'allo

    'Allo (Ha!), Peter. I hope you enjoy yourself at this forum, it's pretty nice. :)
  19. inhuman_meow

    hello hello

    Welcome, Lucretia, and I hope to see you around! ;)
  20. inhuman_meow

    Psychological types the 4 elements

    Charmvirgo, I would think that the Sanguine would have sex, or go hang out somewhere. Something to do with people and something to take their minds off of the problem. They seem to be the most social and light-hearted and people-oriented of the four humours. I'm not sure if that necessarily fits...