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    Cannot see Cancer in my chart?

    Having that disconnect with sign-based astro labels is a great opportunity to try on for size the maxim “aspects over signs.” Along these lines, how about your Mars’ bi-quintile to Uran and how about your Sun’s pair of “red” aspects to Uran and Pluto (octile and semi-octile, the latter being...
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    Is this a very cold person?

    Dunno how to see gayness in a chart but his Ven-Mars relationship is a 26 min orbed semi-octile (as "red" as a 90 or 180)... which is triangulated (in red) by Sat (so, e.g., Mars 135 Sat is 31 min orbed). His Mars has compensating aspects (e.g., biquintile Nept for elegance in motion) while...
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    Why am I a very logical person?

    Waybread, not sure why you refer to what famous people think when you probably already know my style is to reach astro conclusions only based on direct observations of personally known natives. Along these lines (unless Julian is stepping up to the plate), feel free to share any of your...
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    Why am I a very logical person?

    Waybread, isn’t a square in a 9th H chart actually (more originally) a 36th H aspect...? and isn’t a 36th H aspect 10 degrees (i.e., 36/360 = ____). So, of course, a 10 degree wide separation betw two planets is the 36th; and yes, wide-orbed major aspects are *always* more accurately...
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    Is it just my personality or is it a personality disorder?

    Elaboration on the two 135 aspects in your chart would be more fun for me if you go first (i.e., digest available net materials and share with us your impressions of correlatability -or not...).
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    Is it just my personality or is it a personality disorder?

    You've got some great aspects (e.g., Merc 144 Jup/Uran and Mars semi-novile Uran). and on the less bright side, your chart has two 8-ish min-tight 135's (Sun-Jup and Mars-Nept). I don't recall seeing such a tight Sun 135 Jup but you might agree that other "red" aspects betw these planets (the...
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    Can you please advise me on career/money in my chart?

    Seems like there’s more specific indicators in your chart (re issues with authority) than Uran’s house position and aspects to empty points in space: -Sun septile Jup (4 min orb); -Uran “red” triangulating your Sun 180 Pluto (45-180-135); -Mars “red” triangulating your Sun 180 Pluto...
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    Mama's boy in a woman's natal chart

    If you agree Ven can indicate issues pertaining to your vulnerability, then an answer may be available in the aspects to it since, among them, the tight trine to Sat/Jup is the only clearly supportive one: -octile to Nept; -semi-octile to Uran; -90 the Moon; -semi-septile Mars; and...
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    Why am I a very logical person?

    Julian, octiles (45 and 135 degree aspects) and semi-octiles (one-half of 45) are just as “red” as the oppo and the square, derived in nature as they are from them. If you're looking to identify sources of trouble in your chart, how about focusing on these much tighter-orbed “red” aspects...
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    What does my chart mean to you?

    Identifying with the Sun 150 Nept label risks sapping your will to achieve and so I'd hesitate to heavily focus on you having such influence with a loose 1.42 orb. Of course my inability to use more than a one degree orb for 12-denominatored aspects derives from using a lot of minors and...
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    Is my VENus square saturn valid

    At 1 min short of 95 degrees separation, your Ven and Sat relationship is most accurately described (mathematically) as a 15 min loose-orbed 19th harmonic aspect. Not saying I know what that means but net references contain no “bad” keywords for it. And, anyway, who cares whether its...
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    Why am I a very logical person?

    Skimming thru the otherwise good advice given, didn’t notice reference to the following reasons why you have no T-squares actually...;) -if you recognize minors, then inadvertent overlap needs avoiding and so orbs can’t be widened for any excuse (e.g., to create or complete a pretty config)...
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    Can I pretend that this is a grand cross?

    Thanks for your civility... Frankly, I didn’t look past your 5 degree orbed Ven 90 Sat to compose my response (since some years back I had to reduce the acceptable orb for squares down to 3-ish degrees in order to accomodate about 40 minor aspects without lots of confusing overlappings among...
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    Saturn square Moon synastry

    Didn't read the article but I'm familiar with suffering through such an aspect in an important relationship with an orb of about 30 min. Is your orb tight...? If so, then my take is that the Moon person will eventually walk away unless there's about double the average # of good personal...
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    Why am I a very logical person?

    Maybe bec Merc is your cleanest-aspected personal planet. -decile to Uran; -triangulating your tight Jup 120 Pluto via semi-novile aspects (20-120-100); Only that tight 150 to the Moon is assumed difficult (and may even contribute to you choosing Merc over the Moon as a go-to...
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    I have Mercury in Cancer, but why do I have a quick mind?

    The 7-ish degree loose Merc 180 Uran might be hard to swallow as attribution for such a major trait... though other software describes his Merc-Uran relationship as 3 min-orbed 25th harmonic aspect (you know, a quintile x a quintile...haven't studied these yet but this chart makes me wanna...
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    Synastry - Unaspected Moon

    If I did the mental math right, it looks like your Moons are a novile apart (19 min orb). great aspect...
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    Too many squares no trine :(

    To get a handle on this, tighten up the orbs to bring into focus only the most influential 90's. In my home recast using harmonicist-type orbs, there's "only" six 90's and among them the only tight (i.e., more than 50%-ish influence strength) ones are: Merc-Uran; Moon-Ven; and Moon-Merc...
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    I don't recall ever seeing three Yods in a chart. Possibly you've cast with silly-wide orbs (e.g., 2 or more degrees)... which are arguably other aspects entirely or, "at best" mere shadow influences (compared to a Yod composed of 150's tighter than say 45 min orb).
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    some advice for my mars please?:(

    Been away... yes, the novile, semi-sexitle, quintile fusion triangle is beyond positive for participating planets. perhaps have a read on the net about each and feel free to pose more questions based on your reactions to what you read.