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  1. Carole

    Having Surgery During Mercury's Retrograde

    Hi, Lillyjgc! You are absolutely right about the Moon applying to the natal Sun. Thank you for pointing it out. Mercury messed with my thoughts, it seems, but I have already corrected the mistake. The reasoning behind the suggestion about the Moon being in fixed signs comes from the idea that...
  2. Carole

    Having Surgery During Mercury's Retrograde

    Yes: It's better not to have a surgery when Mercury or Mars are retrograde. As there are many different types of hernia, it would help to know what kind is yours to pinpoint the affected organ or part of the body. In general, before planning a surgery, you should choose a day within 5 days...
  3. Carole

    Please help, I'm the sickest healthiest person alive.

    sinmarazul: Do you remember to have been bitten by an insect or any other small animal before everything started? Your Ascendant is ruled by The Moon and this is posited in 6th house, and also Neptune, which makes you prone to have an increased sensitivity to toxic substances (drugs, poison...
  4. Carole

    Please help, I'm the sickest healthiest person alive.

    sinmarazul: It would help a lot if you posted your natal chart here. Besides, it's useful to know if you are male or female. What you described as symptoms sound like those of a vertigo attack, and if you are a young person, then the cause might be different. Carole
  5. Carole


    pixienut74: Jupiter and Venus are the Greater and Lesser Benefics, so their energies here will help you to enjoy life. Good things are probable to happen to you, opportunities may present themselves and you may feel happier in general. These influences should be great for your relationships...
  6. Carole

    Surgery Chart good, but VOC negates all? Or go ahead?

    glowworm: VOC Moon is not good to start things from which you expect a definite result. It seems to me that your surgery falls in this category as you want to have a good job done without unwelcome problems and consequences. As VOC Moon energy works like Mercury retrograde's, it would be...
  7. Carole

    Surgery Chart good, but VOC negates all? Or go ahead?

    glowworm: If I were you, I would change the date of the surgery again. The reasons are the following: - Surgery shouldn't be done during a Void of Course Moon (neither 3 hours before nor after the actual VOC Moon). In Medical Astrology it's believed that VOC Moon acts like Mercury retrograde...
  8. Carole

    How do you cope with impending bad events?

    07.Re: It's really hard to know with some reasonable certainty what might happen as a consequence of a planetary transit. There are so many possibilities that what will happen will probably be something that hadn't even crossed your mind. Of course, you can take some precautions to minimise...
  9. Carole

    Pluto or saturn -pain beginning in lower back

    gemini59: Transits usually activate whatever aspects we may have that indicate some potential for illness in our charts. We examine the Ascendant (your health), the 6th house (your illnesses), the 8th house (your death), their rulers, position and aspects they make to other planets, to...
  10. Carole

    OW, my neck & shoulders!!--Transit Saturn conj. my Sun

    J.Lily: I would like to add that having a Capricorn Ascendant, your health is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Gemini, position that may cause, among many other things, arthritis and/or dislocations of arms and shoulders. Saturn is in opposition to Jupiter in your chart, indicating some kind of...
  11. Carole

    T pluto conj N venus in 12 on 0*

    Venus in 12th might incline you to have secret love affairs and to get married very early. Your secret enemies well could be brought by your love associations, or your self-undoing could happen through Venus affairs. Venus here helps you with your enemies. In Capricorn, Venus may become truly...
  12. Carole

    Severe Back Pain- Anything seen in the chart?

    Smilingsteph: I waited to see if the experts of the Medical Astrology forum gave you an answer to your questions and helped to dispel your doubts, but as they still haven't I will take a chance myself in trying to help you. I will refer specifically to the problems you are mentioning in your...
  13. Carole

    Freak out

    Nesher: I understand you. I have been experiencing the effects (some good, some bad) of a few nasty transits for almost 3 years now. I am looking forward to transiting Uranus leaving my Mars in 5th house alone and transiting Saturn my Moon in 8th. Mars rules my health and illnesses, and my...
  14. Carole

    Protection from the Heavens

    I know a few people (3 of them are close family) who have Jupiter in 12th. In many occasions, these people have escaped danger and very "hairy" circumstances not only involving physical harm. One of them is my sister. Her Jupiter is peregrine in Scorpio, opposition Mars in Taurus, square...
  15. Carole

    Happy Birthday, Tikana!

    :w00t:A part of me knew we shared birthday month....but I didn't trust my memory. I just saw the little cake and candles beside your nickname and came to say HB. Ok, we'll repeat it in November. Carole
  16. Carole


    :sad:This is not a nice surprise, but even if you don't return to read this, I need to say that I will miss you, Shining Ray. You are a very sweet person. I wish you success in anything you decide to do from now on. Hugs, Carole
  17. Carole

    Happy Birthday, Tikana!

    I just saw it was your birthday. I hope you had a superb celebration and that happiness surrounded you. Carole:wink:
  18. Carole

    Feedback needed on astrology pictures

    I absolutely love those New Moon in Leo and Moon in Virgo paintings. Carole
  19. Carole

    Daughter hearing voices

    Sara: My only intention is to help you find a balanced point of view over this issue. I understand how you must be feeling and your little girl too. I am never willing to share things like these with anybody because I know how one can be misjudged by others, but I will share with you my own...
  20. Carole

    Colon Problems, nightmares, (obsession/worry) -Major transits

    Hi, Seaoglass! -The Moon affects his Ascendant, causing him digestive problems. this may also cause problems with the gall bladder. Ascendant Capricorn needs to control every thing. He may be a natural worrier and possibly gets stressed easily. -His temperament is choleric/sanguine, which...