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  1. Northstar10

    The Enneagram and Astrology

    For some reason, somebody deleted my post containing an essay-long description of my own interpretation for how the enneagram matches with astrology, should the two worlds ever collide, so I'll just post a shorter version of it here instead, and hope that nobody doinks it. Like with tarot and...
  2. Northstar10

    King solomon seal

    King Solomon-- Jinn master? Where can I buy one?
  3. Northstar10

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    The sun. :smile: Everything comes unto enlightenment. The puzzle pieces of life's chaos, lunacy, and mystery all come together under the sun-- everything now makes sense, and life unfolds like a flower unto the truest love possible. The most fortunate of cards. And my Jupiter is in Leo...
  4. Northstar10

    Two Stories from 'Way of the Sufi' by Idries Shah

    Astrology A Sufi once knew, through prescience, that a city would shortly be attacked by an enemy. He told his neighbor, who realized that he was a veracious but simple man, and who advised him: 'I am sure that you are right, and you should go and tell the monarch. But, if you want to be...
  5. Northstar10

    Create a bumbersticker for your moon sign

    "Apocalypse on board" --Aries moon
  6. Northstar10

    A pleasure to meet you all =)

    Hi Fiona. I wasn't aware that the rising sign is something different than the ascendant. Why is that?
  7. Northstar10


    Oh, a new white scorpion. Wonder if it's any connection with the new "scorpio black" who just joined. Is racism dead yet? Probably not. I do loveScorpios. They make good enemies sometimes. Welcome abroad! And long live Whitey McBlackheart!
  8. Northstar10

    Hello from a scorpio :-)

    I'm a Taurus sun with Aries moon, and I hate Scorpios. Nah, not really. My dear old man's a Scorpio. Or maybe really. Yeah, I actually do kinda hate Scorpios with a passion. I have Uranus in Scorpio though, so I kinda empathize their poisons. Long live the hate! Or kill me. No don't...
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    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when... is set as your home page.
  10. Northstar10

    You know you're an "astrology junkie" when...

    You know you're an astrology junkie when you dump all your relationships because it's the year of the tiger. "Better luck in the year of the rabbit!" you tell them.
  11. Northstar10

    The 11:11 Phenomenon

    I once had a strange relationship with an Aquarian witch and she said something online about 11:11. I was usually just mystified by or didn't care about the 11:11 phenomenon, but this time a eureka hit me that it was a symbol of Oneness. She said it was a symbol of serenity. Then I saw her at...
  12. Northstar10

    Which sign stays single the longest?

    I've actually read that Aquarians can go a surprisingly long time without sexual intimacy.
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    I've been meaning to start a thread in predictive astrology for the discussion of horoscopes. What are some experiences and accuracies regarding horoscopes? Who are the good horoscope writers? What do people think of horoscopes?
  14. Northstar10

    Who is Northstar

    Oh hi Northstar. I just came back around after not caring about this forum for a little while and noticed "Who is Northstar?" I chose the name "Northstar10". Maybe you'll take my place as captain of the Polaris, the north star, the center of the universe in the schematics of universal...
  15. Northstar10

    Is pluto the devil?

    It seems that Capricorn's work is actually to Sa-turn the tides on Satan, all that is hard in life. Capricorn is divine yet humble. Capricorn accepts Satan as a part of himself, yet is mastering him. Pluto is something of both Hell and the Lord above. Pluto is also a wealth God, but the...
  16. Northstar10

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    In the numerology of my birthday, the magician is my 'soul card'. Magic has always been connected with me in some way, and I have spent a little time dabbling in the occult world of sorcery. Creation itself is magical. To me, card one of the tarot symbolizes being the one life in the space...
  17. Northstar10

    Is pluto the devil?

    I've often felt that God is very Saturnian and Capricornian in a variety of ways, the Christian God. Capricorn is fabled to be very gentle on the outside, yet hard as nails on the inside. God is also severely idealized, yet when we analyze the biblical texts, is full of animosity towards...
  18. Northstar10

    Is pluto the devil?

    Well, being that I was born when the sun was in Taurus, the opposite sign of Scorpio, it's quite possible that Pluto is the Devil. He is Hades, lord of lava, though we cast him to a much icier planet way far away. However, to give Pluto his due, he is the master of change eternal, and change...
  19. Northstar10

    Freakazoid Uranus best joke ever!!
  20. Northstar10

    So what do you think of the age of Capricorn?

    Aquarius is the sign of the rebel, but also the sign of human genius, one united with all and all for one. The Aquarian Age is designed to rebel against aspects of the Piscean Age that kind of raped over humanity-- the holy wars and the governmental iniquities. It can be expected that there...