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    The Final Count Down Is Here

    Rahu. How are you doing man? All well?
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    Chat Thread

    David Starling!! How are you doing man? Do you remember me.
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    Really need your help!

    Hi ! Just print a colour picture of the Srichakra yantra( it is a geometrical design) available on the net.Make sure it contains the colour yellow. Keep it as your mantlepiece or in your prayer room if you have one. It is useful to settle disputes.
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    Querry about 5 planets in 6th house Career Debt

    Yes you can build or run any of the above mentioned buildings, basically anybplace which would provide leisure or resting for others. Other options may be animal shelter,farm house or some new type of entertainment park. Your 6th from Rahu is the 9th house. That is where you will face most...
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    Querry about 5 planets in 6th house Career Debt

    Hi ! Mars conjunct Rahu in Cancer Pashyami the 'rest house' in the 4th house of home and homeland.Sun is in Leo Purvaphalguni the star of leisure and entertainment in the 5th house of self expression. Sixth house packed with Virgo planets. Have you tried building a hotel/hospital/hostel...
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    Global Warming is a NWO false flag

    Hi Rahu ! I too think that 'global warming' is a hoax.We do not need another set of 'scientists' to tell us where our planet is headed. We just need to understand our own energies better and be kinder to the planet.
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    Sad in homeland/ Please reply RishiRahul and Rohini R

    Hi ! Your chart reading is as follows: Ascendant Purvashada the fruits of previous karma, the mermaid of the ocean ruled by Venus and Venus is in Cancer Pashyami the nurturer in the 8th house of occult and transformation.Actually you are in Venus Mahadasha as well and Pashyami rules home and...
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    Kundalini Awakening

    Hi ! Please provide the time and place of birth.
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    Nominee For "Word of the Day"

    Shenani guns?? 😃
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    Why do I attract certain type of people?

    Yes.Moon-Rahu and Moon-Ketu are very powerful conjunctions and create a lot of energy!
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    Ishta Devata & Aspects in Navamsa(D9)

    Hi ! According to my nakshatra analysis i can say the following: Ascendant Taurus Rohini whose presiding deity is Brahma. But Brahma is cursed to not be worshipped. So Sri Krishna whose Moon Sign was Rohini is the Ishta Deivata for this star. Krishna is the embodiment of Love and compassion and...
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    Ishta Devata & Aspects in Navamsa(D9)

    Hi ! Kindly provide your birth details.
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    Why do I attract certain type of people?

    Hi ! Have i done a reading for you before? Moon Rahu conjunct in Libra Chitra the star of balance. This person can balance extreme sides with a treaty or agreement.Good sense of aesthetics and diplomacy. Regarding relationships, Moon in Chitra does have a bit of problem with that. Your seventh...
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    Could someone read my Chart?

    Hi ! The chart does not open. Can you provide your birth details?
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    Any insight?

    Hi ! I recast your chart as per vedic method and have the following observations: Please note that the placement of stars and planets are different from the western method. Ascendant Cancer Ashlesha the binder ruled by mercury and Mercury is in Aries Asvini the healer. So this person longs for...
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    Other then transformation and rebirth...

    Oh ! I am very sorry.I tend to become absent minded sometimes.. All these readings are as per Vedic chart and placements may be different from western chart. Ascendant Libra Swati the wild child of the wind ruled by Rahu and Rahu is in Scorpio Jyestha the eldest one in the 2nd house of value and...
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    Other then transformation and rebirth...

    Hi GeminiSun! I forget. Have i done a reading for you before?
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    New member, grateful for a chart reading

    Hi ! I recast the chart in vedic format and can say this : Ascendant Leo Magha the leader ruled by Ketu and Ketu is in Pashyami the nurturer.So this person loves to lead and express oneself rather than being a passive listener. They love the theme of winning and losing and good vs evil.They will...
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    8 planets in one house?

    Hi ! This friend has 6 planets in the second house in Sagittarius Purvashada, the star of karma and the mermaid of the ocean. It is the pinnacle of venusian energy. So this person's life is almost entirely determined by his previous karma or fate. No one knows what it is. So he can just enjoy...
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    Please help with the chart of my son

    Ascendant is in Scorpio Anuradha the star of spirituality and humility. This star is denoted by the lotus. Keeping a lotus at home is auspicious.This star can prosper well by being humble and having faith. Thet love too deeply and feel too deeply.There may be some love failure playing on his...