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  1. EhTeam

    Lost wedding Ring: In my house I think

    UPDATE: No one answered my above post but if you wanted to test your skills I could tell you what happened. There was something good and bad about my wedding ring sadly so if you want to take a stab at it, I can tell you the fate of that ring.
  2. EhTeam

    Lost wedding Ring: In my house I think

    I would like to know if I am on the right track for figuring out this chart. I am having an issue with finding my wedding ring. I have not left my house much beyond the gym yet there was no ring turned in there. The last place I remember having my ring was on my desk. Occasionally my cat...
  3. EhTeam

    New kid in town

    Welcome to the forums :biggrin:
  4. EhTeam

    Things Commonly Said To Your Sign:

    conversation with a Pisces friend: me: people love me or hate me, I can't win them all her: I would never dream of saying the things you say to people. . . me: I say what is on my mind, as it happens her: but people love you me: I know... her: you are arrogant, but very charming...You say what...
  5. EhTeam

    Is there a sign you get along with better than others?

    I get along with everyone. First boyfriend - Aquarius Husband - Gemini First best friend- Scorpio Second best friend - Cancer Current close friend: Pisces I am still very close with the Cancer, we have lived together, and are very involved in each others lives. I am in a new state and my...
  6. EhTeam

    Magic 8 ball technique

    Question: Will I get accepted to grad school in 2012? 1. House signifying question: House 9 2. Sign on the cusp: Leo 3. What rules sign: Leo ~~~~ If Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter is the planet ruling that sign, this = a "yes" So, if I have the correct house, then it would mean, YES, I...
  7. EhTeam

    Sun in the 1st house, is that really a good thing?

    I enjoy my sun in the first house.
  8. EhTeam

    Signs are dog breeds?

    If I had to associate a sun sign with a dogs temperament, I would go with.... Aries – Airedale Terrier Taurus – French Bull Dog Gemini – Beagle Cancer - Whippet Leo - Boxer Virgo – Corgi Libra – Yorkshire Terrier Scorpio – Weimaraner Sagittarius – Australian Cattle Capricorn...
  9. EhTeam

    I have never had a proper boyfriend and all my friends are married...

    Which chart is your natal chart?
  10. EhTeam

    leo stellium

    I can relate, sun/moon/asc/venus, Leo in the First. I guess the 2nd would be quite different than the first, but no matter what, it is a lot of fur for any of the 12 houses. My personal opinion about having Leo in 2nd? I could see a Leo who easily maintains a comfortable or rich living. Leo...
  11. EhTeam

    Magic 8 ball technique

    Question: Should I go to Las Vegas on Dates X-Z. Result: House 3 Libra Venus (R) Answer: yes/maybe? or, House 9 Aries Mars Answer: No. I guess it depends on what you consider for travel when it is one state to another that is a 2 hour plane ride. It also doesn't go in to detail about...
  12. EhTeam

    Why cant I remember my dreams?

    Astrology aside, I can speak on the dream part. It's a skill, and while you know you dream, you aren't thinking about them prior to sleep, and think about many other things shortly after waking up (bathroom/coffee/food). I have natural lucid dreams, yet I still do things to practice and keep...
  13. EhTeam

    worst sign combinations in romance!

    I can only speak for what hasn't worked for me, friendship wise, and I think it would lead me into a road block if I was in the position to date people of the two following signs. Taurus - if I want to fly to Vegas tonight without taking a glance at the bank account...I'm going to do it. I am...
  14. EhTeam

    A Dominant Intellectual Moon

    Does he have much Uranus contact in the chart? Uranus(R) @Scorpio;5th House Mercury Trine Uranus Saturn Sextile Uranus I wonder...and how about his Mars? Mars Conjunct Saturn Mars Square Neptune His energy? He is usually emotionally drained....all the time, but it has got a lot better...
  15. EhTeam

    A Dominant Intellectual Moon

    Speaking on behalf of my husbands chart, Sun/Moon/Venus(R) @ Gemini; 11th house. Does it dominate your temperament? It most certainly does as he is very smart and anylitical. The issue, that I see, is that when it comes to meeting people, he is social, but when it comes to jobs, he is...
  16. EhTeam

    sun,moon,and rising r all water

    I can't relate to having too much water, but I can relate to having an abundance of one type(fire). I don't find it as a problem, but rather areas of opportunities.
  17. EhTeam


    My birthmark was a bald spot on my head. I have so much hair though, that you wouldn't be able to see it. It started to change around age 22, so it was removed, or at least they attempted to.
  18. EhTeam

    Magic 8 ball technique

    Welp, got the news, and the 8 ball method alone as listed above, was wrong.
  19. EhTeam

    Magic 8 ball technique

    I asked a question previously, and the answer was No, not within that time frame. I have just used the 8 ball technique with a similar, but detailed question. I got the answer yes, and I will find out the results by the end of the week. I will keep you posted.
  20. EhTeam

    Favorite Foods of the Zodiac

    It is about vitality and nutrition for me. I don't want my stomach to be a junk yard with **** food. I don't like that commercialized food market is full of preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, ecoli etc. What they eat, is what I eat, and I don't want that **** in my body...