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  1. tikana

    Is he seeing someone else?

    I am sliding with Ilenek on this. So here are the things that bother me Saturn - exalting Venus - interest in someone else Venus sextiled Saturn - not good No connection between Sun and Saturn .. Sun and Merc lord of 11th house got burned in 7th house - it's like your hopes got burned
  2. tikana

    Is my ex boyfriend dating a new woman?

    Like i said theres a backdoor q. You hoped its not true or wont last so you wanted to find out if you 2 will get back together. If it hurts you, you should express how you feel and tell him to stop calling. You dont want to be his emergency parachute. Plus another thing I dont like is lack of...
  3. tikana

    Can we talk about orbs?

    I crack knuckles over this issue ..i want to say yes and no Lets say you ask will i get a job within 5 mnths and you get out of orb aspect without interferences. I think the answer would be yes but a little longer than 5 months. Buut if you ask when will i get the job, orbs moiety should not...
  4. tikana

    Is my ex boyfriend dating a new woman?

    Its still none of your business :) so if you have no backdoor question intent.. why the hell are you in fall sign entering combustion in 6th house from 5th? And what makes this more interesting about to be ill placed sun will enter libra while mars will be aspecting another planet Saturn very...
  5. tikana

    Is my ex boyfriend dating a new woman?

    Lol how is this your business? He is your ex.
  6. tikana

    Is my ex boyfriend dating a new woman?

    I dont like backdoor questions. You are essentially asking if you 2 will get together vs if he is seeing someone else or not.
  7. tikana

    Does she love me?

    She is NOT emotionally avail how can she be? even if she loves the querent (sketchy) i am not playing a psychologist but it is just too many issues going on . A. no divorce which leads to a question is the quested seeking love for the sake of love or imaginative definition of love? b. she is...
  8. tikana

    Does she love me?

    Yeah looks like the querent is pulling a rabbit by its ears from the mud. IMO if the person hasnt closed his/her doors on previous relationship i wouldnt even start or suggest anyone to start or hope for a relationship. person is NOT emotionally avail.
  9. tikana

    Does she love me?

    Its compicated. A lot of ppl feel they are in love with idea of love vs loving a person. I thikk she does have feelings Buuut as i said b4 i dont see a happy ending
  10. tikana

    Is he the one?

    I dont think he is the one because both of you are in your own signs and in your own houses (little to no interest) plus sun will perfect with saturn with opposition - meh separation
  11. tikana

    Does she love me?

    Regadless of receptions it is just NOT looking good at all. I mean is querent looking for validation?
  12. tikana

    Does she love me?

    well the quested DOES love the querent BUUUUT the issue is JUPITEr which tends me to believe to be her hubby Quested in in tough spot in 8th house yes it is conjuncting NNode but after a sextile with venus mars will square saturn Lord of 5th then we are looking at passing brutal combustion...
  13. tikana

    Will i marry him?

    i dont know how much this relationship has a future to begin with ... Ilenek nailed it but I'd like to add that Sun is about to jump into cancer where it will plainly reject Saturn (you) the other thing is dont take horary to heart for one reason (right now there is no configuration where 1/7...
  14. tikana

    A question about prohibition of planets

    Moon is translating the light because mercury receives moon by triplicity (if asked after sundown) if not look at dignities of the moon . you need to have either merc or jupiter
  15. tikana

    Would this treatment work?

    i have to say your doctor is right. if you prolong it the expense will go up (look at L11th house) cost of the treatment getting worse bc merc enters its domicile.
  16. tikana

    A question about prohibition of planets

    If you are talking about May 16th planetary position then you get merc sextiling jupiter first then sun/merc unite To me that is interference.
  17. tikana

    Lost my job.Will I get another job?

    what detriment? Venus is in Taurus. 12th house - maybe querent is not outputing more effort than one should? Moon will trine L10 you could play with the timing
  18. tikana

    Will I get the job?

    Saturn interferes
  19. tikana

    Will I find love within the next year

    Each month is 4 weeks 18 is 4x4 = 4 months + 2 weeks So u might meet someone right around the time