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    What about career and marriage?

    Mars lord 10th for caeer elevated capricorn 7th alongwith mercury, methodical, disciplined, growth through operations management skills; Mars aspect own aries 10th protective of career, but bad for boss relationships. Husband supportive of career; Jupiter-saturn this week onwards direct over...
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    Dasha of a Maraka (Venus) - Marriage, Wealth, Parents, Profession

    jupiter-venus-mars scorpio 9th, research-occult-forensic science/chemistry/advisory-teaching aptitudes, tending to distant lands. venus lord 8th over 9th calling for extra effort towards luck-education-distant lands, 20yrs venus dasa. Wear o.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching...
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    Chart reading with perspectives

    the south node transit sagittarius 6th tending to job separation touching natal NNode 6m down the line with life-style changes; moving into scorpio 5th for research aptitude, pain-injury-surgery urologicals-stomach-heart-piles etc. the NNode 6m down the line heading towards natal sun inimical...
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    please reply me

    chart for ref with transits on your post!
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    Starting my own company

    Sat-mars taurus 7th, technical-mechanical-food technology-hotel management-entrepreneurial-aptitudes, under stress-struggle though. Mars aspect own scorpio first protective of self and health; jupiter-moon scorpio research-occult-forensic psychology aptitudes; moon debilated, debilation...
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    please reply me

    Jupiter is sooner heading towards saturn pisces, saturn lord 6th for employment, job possibilities some 2 months from now, hopefully. Saturn transit own acq 6th for employment prospects. Mercury lord 11th for gains debilated pisces 7th, wear green emerald touching heart. Mercury significator...
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    Unemployed for a while

    Capricorn-saturn badhaka for taurus ascendant, stress-delays in luck-education-travels; badhaka saturn over own acquarius 10th opp mars, growth through technology, law-justice, public administration, but under stress-delays and stress-struggle, rise-fall in career, while may have...
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    Unemployed for a while

    please attach your kundali chart. best wishes.
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    Moon-saturn-mars scorpio first house, moon lord 10th for career debilated, mars own scorpio, debilation cancelled, gradual improvements, research-occult-forensics-forensic psychology-metallurgy-oil exploration-waste management aptitudes; secretive, suspicious, sentimental, sarcastic, passionate...
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    Lost my job....please help..

    Deep, hope you have gone through the below reading, have updated it further now. best wishes, JYOTISHBHUSHAN SHANTARAM
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    Please help??

    child-1, 2012, 4th lord saturn elevated libra 12th with mars, tending to foreign lands, mechanical-entrepreneurial aptitudes with stress-struggle; kidney-feet stones, inflammations; Moon over 3rd capricorn, negates 4th house, moving from mother-native land; ambitious, hardworking, good at...
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    Need a bit of hope!

    Moons both aries, impulsive; wear pearl over silver pendant; Suns gemini-cancer, 2/12, lords mer-cancer, semi-friendly, not as compatible; gemini analytical and confused decision making; cancer sensitive, possessive; Ascendants cancer-acquarius, 6/8, lords moon-sat unfriendly, severe...
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    Want to know which branch of the occult studies to follow in my career.

    Moon-mars-mercury-venus scorpio 8th for research-occult-astro-alchemy-forensic research aptitudes; moon debilated, debilation cancelled, gradual improvement in health and occult matters; wear pearl over silver pendant touching heart. best wishes!
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    A Special Child of the Sikh Community.

    Moon-ketu sagittarius 12th, seeking liberation through pain, philosophical, optimist, sportive, ambitious, impulsive; aptitudes for medicine, law-justice; pain-injury-surgery thighs-feet-lungs-intestinals-hips etc; Sun-jup-rahu gemini 6th, analytical, influencing through power of...
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    Are there any indications of "purpose" here?

    Asc lord mars with moon-rahu NNode over libra 12th for foreign lands, volatile emotions n finances, toxic health issues kidneys-feet etc, acting skills; prayers for ancestors, observe death anniversaries religiously; observe fast on No-moon evenings; wear brown hessonite over pendant touching...
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    please reply me

    western chart post : qualifications n profession not known? 10th lord venus for career negating to badhaka aries 9th, seeking splendor in distant lands, university teaching-art-pharmacy-electricals and electronics roles under stress-delays; venus combust with sun; wear 0.25 carat diamond over...
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    please reply me

    vedic chart for ready ref pl.
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    Intense dreams crippling me for a decade !!!

    Your moons pisces-cancer trine are in mutual emotional attraction, while suns acquarius-cancer are 6/8 in enemy signs lords saturn-moon; cancer possessive and acquarius mystic, uncertain, scientific, reformist; Your mars sag, attracted to males with martial skills/attitude etc, while he seeks a...