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  1. Aaronmcc11

    Playlist of the Week(music)

    USX (U.S. Christmas) - The Moon In Flesh and Bone
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    Playlist of the Week(music)

    Tsquare.. you like John!! That's awesome! I posted a few songs from The Empyrean a few months ago.
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    Karmic Aspects in Synasties & Composites

    Stephen Arroyo's book Astrology, Karma, and Transformation has a section on relationships and, in his opinion there are karmic indicators. This link doesn't mention Saturn, but in the book he also relates interchart aspects involving Saturn with a sense of 'karmic' ties or a fated quality...
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    Malefics in the first house and facial scars

    I can't think of any historical figures with scarred faces.. but if there are some we might check their charts too if they have accurate birth times.
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    Malefics in the first house and facial scars

    Yes, I've always considered the actual birth time to be the first independent breathe. The cord was cutting off blood flow to my head, as my face was deep purple after delivery. I'm not sure if that would constitute as asphyxiation or not. I would imagine so, as blood is the only way for...
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    Dream characters

    Lately I've been giving a lot of thought to people, animals, and entities that we encounter in our dreams. There is a philosophical/metaphysical question that has been surfacing repeatedly for me.. What is the nature of the characters we encounter? Can we always consider them to be an aspect...
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    Lucid dreaming

    I am an avid lucid dreamer.. the topic is of great interest to me. Here's two threads about dreams in general, and the first is regarding sleep paralysis and lucid dreams specifically.
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    When Saturn attacks

    It's good that your father appears to be trying to bridge that gap.. it's too bad that he can't talk to you himself but perhaps you two will be able to forgive and forget.. let bygones by bygones. On the other hand, you may never have the emotional connection that you desire with your father...
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    Malefics in the first house and facial scars

    I don't know if it's ever been the case before but in my chart I've associated Pluto and Saturn conjunct the IC, square Sun/Asc/Moon with the fact that I was born with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and choking me. Obviously not a physical scar, but perhaps not unrelated because of the...
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    When Saturn attacks

    Saturn is the principle of restriction, limitation, inhibition, contraction. Attacking is a Martian verb.. Saturn 'withholds'. Saturn is also structure, responsibility and fortitude. It's lessons are not always pleasant, but necessary for growth and grounding. In your chart you have Saturn at...
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    Chiron conjunct North Node

    I have Chiron conjunct the NN in Gemini in the 10th.. I found this interpretation to be quite accurate..
  12. Aaronmcc11

    $9,000,000,000,000,000.00 missing from U.S. Fed. Reserve

    Indeed! Jacque and the whole idea behind "the Venus project" are inspiring and hopeful
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    Mercury retrograde November 23rd

    Mundane considerations during the Mercury Rx period: Nov. 22 Sun enters Sagittarius Nov. 24 Mercury Retrograde 20° 07'Rx Nov. 25 New Moon Solar Eclipse 2° 37' Nov. 26 Venus enters Capricorn Dec. 10 Uranus Direct...
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    Portland, OR

    I'm living in Portland, OR. I've been for about 2 years and just had a professional consultation with Tony Howard. It was the first experience I've had where I actually met someone else in person who is interested in astrology. I came from a smaller town in a rural area so the fact that I was...
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    $9,000,000,000,000,000.00 missing from U.S. Fed. Reserve

    Long live Jacque!
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    I'm concerned about my longevity...

    I think that predicting one's own death using astrology is questionable (ethically and practically). It's certainly possible to look at the traditional indicators of death, but I've heard from several people and teachers that doing so is a misuse of the true gift that astrology gives us. I...
  17. Aaronmcc11

    Recurring dream portends change?

    I believe that these experiences are related to the fact that I have been "uncovering" and confronting various aspects of myself that are at a very deep level of my subconscious. I have been setting the intention to confront and reveal these presences in my dreams and .. lo and behold it has...
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    Where is your progressed moon now?

    My progressed Moon just returned to my natal Moon position.. I really like what Stephen Arroyo says about this.. that it is a time when things become familiar again and you feel like you can FINALLY just be yourself regardless of social, religious, or personal pressures to be something you are...
  19. Aaronmcc11

    Recurring dream portends change?

    Not necessarily.. I mean becoming aware that I'm dreaming AS and BECAUSE I am looking someone directly in the eyes. In one dream I was a woman looking at myself in the mirror and became insanely terrified to realize I was seeing myself as someone other than I am used to seeing in the mirror. In...
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    Recurring dream portends change?

    I'm wondering.. since those symbols are listed as 1*-30*.. would 1* actually be 0* since we normally use 0*-29* ?