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    House Inclination 15th degree

    I got confused with south indian houses, and i cannot do proper research this period.
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    What is my destiny based on my chart?

    im detecting two similar degrees to Nietzsche/Heidegger with the 9th house stellium. minor in science studies the study of philosophical love and permanent love. a study of emotional width. nn in 9th square moon in 6th requires you to be truthful about studies. the nn is not really destiny...
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    Will I never have friends?

    Hi Appleo From my sight the grand trine is worked on specularly. i remember folks playing accordian like a machine. you'res is different, sectile and exuberant with flems -neptune and uranus tuning values and dreams. On the 3rd house you seem to step in late to the "Mithun" once spring steps...
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    Confused about career.
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    Natal CHART- career

    Confused about career.
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    any chance for transit saturn opposite composite sun?

    for relationship timing i think these three methods are valuable: natal+natal:composite vedic dasha which is an easy overview to see the period in the chart. natal->progression for both taking the progressions to make a composite. natal+natal:composite progressed
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    Best Match

    also take in to mind that something that happens less often with 9 orbs is running in to someone that has a red reception, but is actually in a decan (three parts) that is compatible with your sun. which usually comes out to an aspect that is easy, but a reception that is red. sometimes it is in...
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    Best Match

    you definetly want to be ic friendly which is on the side of cap/cancer axis. which means you would have more trouble with aries and libra since they are square to that axis. good people for you are either quincunxing one, squaring one or semisextiling one. for example taurus trine capricorn...
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    Mental health problems

    its called vimshottari dasha or vedic dasha. usually south node-saturn or north node-saturn are the hardest stage unless the chart points are like a malefic apex. even if more things would happen to you that time was probably overall more frustrating. another recommended method is 10 Solar...
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    Mental health problems for this system that is an overview. 1.find the essential dignity of the planet 2. the house of the planet which would be a particular theme that would go on. 3. the aspects to the planet. some special points are trikona houses (1,5,9) being easier by...
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    I have Mars conjunct Asc, but why do I come off as weak?

    your mars ruler is almost detriment. ghandi or some serial killers have mars in libra. it basically where mars is harder to understand because it weighs the situation away from the self. this is partially where ghandi's ego dissolution comes from he didnt eat for himself, and left tons of...
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    Is astrology only based on Stars, planets in this Galaxy? yeah. well the revolution of the milky way should be perceptible within the length of sedna. even if the actual particular contents could be perceptible at the rate of a transpersonal. the constellations that surround the solar system are: dorado a...
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    General life crisis and SR Chart questions...

    generally there is a higher amount of semisextile and quincunx connections by the SR itself. there is a 8th stellium with chiron mercury neptune. pluto in the 6th. you would encounter some health/death causes these could be further away in general. when it comes to SR+natal the thing to worry...
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    Visual Astrology

    theres also chinese/arabic constellations
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    Visual Astrology

    i prefer Stellarium. heres the settings for the astrology: Viewing Options: Sky tab uncheck atmosphere check everything under planets and satellites Markings tab check Cardinal Points Equator Ecliptic constellations box check show lines show...
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    Love at first sight? Cancer + Leo

    Cancer/Leo is a good combination because of this night and day affinity. Even if they are semisextile where it feels a bit like bumping shoulders and turning, it has a intuitive knowledge of taking roles that can be cool. Cancer is the first half of summer and Leo is the second half of summer...
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    The meaning of burned planets?!

    well basically your ego takes love for itself. basically actions in venus are slightly more manipulated as well as there being a certain wound from the sun on to venus. in terms of mercury combust it manifests as a speech quirk or reciprocating events with the ego not necessarily...
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    Vedic vs Western

    the thing about divination without the technical,cultural,concentration aspects is that they should be eventually pointing to the same situation. since there is only one reality you can get certain sheens of attributions, but all of the esoteric cycles including tarot, numerology, vedic...
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    Vedic vs Western

    one should ultimately read both. read your nodes in vedic, your nakshatras in vedic, your vimshotarri dasha in vedic, your yogas in vedic, your navamsa chart. it doesnt double your astrology, but it creates a doubling. it adds on information that you wouldnt of seen in western. for example...
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    Does my natal chart imply a tragic end?

    nope. it does indicate a near death experience in more traditional/hellenistic terms because of moon in 8th in detriment. this apex of saturn/uranus/neptune is both a mental challenge as well as a spiritual challenge to a certain situation that would happen. your nice jupiter in leo in the...