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  1. Renee35

    SOS. Please. Help. Pluto. Mars. What you see for me this year.

    Ex Hacker - WHO I know is on my laptop/cellphone - 5 different laptops had their OS wiped remotely, the only 1 other then me to plug into my router - threatened to ruin my life - those emails have since vanished - et cetera
  2. Renee35

    SOS. Please. Help. Pluto. Mars. What you see for me this year.

    Children other parent - convicted abuser/stalker
  3. Renee35

    SOS. Please. Help. Pluto. Mars. What you see for me this year.

    Thanks for the reply I am the mother. Their father (convicted stalker and abuser) does see the children. I know that the ex hacker talked many times to the stalker per his own omissions, threats, et cetera. I'll attach their charts if needed. Thanks again.
  4. Renee35

    SOS. Please. Help. Pluto. Mars. What you see for me this year.

    Thank you, Lin, my problem is the local police precinct is where I've been dealing with the corrupt detective and the police that have been following me. I have reported to the FBI and attorney general. In my heart I believe if I am to be murdered that it will be the hacker/ex because he has...
  5. Renee35

    Explain the clinginess and obsessiveness of each the water signs.

    Hmm... I'd say Cancer isn't clingy, they just generally care but of the 3 signs they're the most likely to eventually throw down a boundary and walk away. Then later on if said partner is in crises - they'll step up and HELP. Women more so than the men, but it can be both. Why? Because they...
  6. Renee35

    SOS. Please. Help. Pluto. Mars. What you see for me this year.

    Thanks for opening this. To save on details and your time here's my concerns: Been dealing with and reported to the FBI: *Convicted abuser/stalker who I co parent with *Ex computer hacker who claimed he'd ruin my life and has/is currently hacked into my laptop via router with tunnels and...
  7. Renee35

    still feeling f***ing ugly. yay.

    Also, the Aquarius influence - they're usually in shape/slender and very good looking with or without makeup. Ardentika, I tried replying to your message but - see nothing in my sent folder not even messages I sent last week...?
  8. Renee35

    Midpoints Study

    Thank you so much for the analysis, what fun it was to be a rat, lol. Please let me know if you have a question you'd like answered with the tarot via a pm and I'll send it to you at some point tomorrow (I'm pst)- if there's no question in my inbox here I'll just do a general/cold read, either...
  9. Renee35

    still feeling f***ing ugly. yay.

    Your jokes are noted by any astrologer who looks at this chart - we/they/an astrologer knows you're trolling - and, can tell right away that you're good looking. So, is this fishing for compliments or just a ploy?? :rightful:
  10. Renee35

    sincerely asking ,when i will be happy and peaceful?

    And when I say May I mean after the 1ST 2 weeks - then there's only a couple not so good days.
  11. Renee35

    sincerely asking ,when i will be happy and peaceful?

    May begins the improvement, but it won't be until following June 20th that you're actually at a concrete state of happiness, the good news is that the Fall is fantastic for you - come October.
  12. Renee35


    It's a yes to the job - the only reason it would/could be a no is if there is a dream job you're even more passionate about but thinking you won't get in a month to 6 weeks time. If the answer to that is no, not at the moment then it's a yes you'll get the job for good. Congrats.
  13. Renee35

    am i so doomed???

    You can make money from teaching Yoga and now that Saturn is RX that will help you for the send off. With Virgo as your 2nd house ruler you do really well in health, animal, and or routine (classes like yoga fit the bill) vocations! Also, astrology should never be fatalistic, some astrologers...
  14. Renee35

    Midpoints Study

    I'd like to join your case study, my dear! My birth info: December 4th, 1985 12:54 pm Pasco, Washington If you'd like a free tarot reading as a trade off to your work then pm me! I will leave feedback in detail here as well.
  15. Renee35

    Virgo Man & Virgo Woman - How Should I Proceed?

    Alternatively, you can post your chart and we can look at transit looming and or his chart but w/his name and birthdata redacted - and we can peak at synastry. Good luck
  16. Renee35

    Question about house rulership

    Yes to the co rulers and yes to the Scorpio MC, most astrologers would also include Sage as your MC as it's so close in orb to that.
  17. Renee35

    Biblical Implications, 26 quotes about us going to hell

    Howdy, I believe in God and I'm agnostic, the bible has 20 + verses saying we're going to hell for being stargazers, the one about us being like a moth unto a flame is the most frightening... It also says men who cut their hair are going to hell and people that are gay, but that's only...
  18. Renee35

    Why do I always attract significantly older men?

    I concur w/IleneK and I used to only use the whole house system up until a few weeks ago. That being said I did look at eros and psyche (asteroids) and you've got Eros in Sagittarius, this is amplified by your Sun in Gem, meaning you're attracted to brilliant, well traveled, and well versed men...
  19. Renee35

    Saturn in pisces in 8th house

    Saturn is more about restriction, career, your father, and depending on aspects it's effects can be potent or not so much. Pisces as the 8th house ruler with saturn there does suggest you will find that sometimes you hang out with the wrong crowd, that may have been more apparent in your...