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  1. Not_Storage

    Please interpret my chart?

    I just all my life felt like I need to leave footprint or something. It very intensely strong and I feel like it is a purpose in my calling. I also went to a pattern site for natal chart and my looks like a bundle. I don't know what that means either. I agree a lot with your first post, as...
  2. Not_Storage

    Please interpret my chart?

    I've always been drawn to the public life; I've wanted to be a politician, a musician, an actress, model...I've want to be in spotlight and famous. Why do I feel such an overwhelming pull to this lifestyle? I don't know if I end up in the public life or not...but I certainly feel drawn and...
  3. Not_Storage

    Can some read my friends chart

    Can someone interpret my friends chart for me please. What do you see her chart?
  4. Not_Storage

    Please interpret my chart?

    Again I would like to thanks you all who've replied, Thank you! I am really interested in what Blackempress has to say. :biggrin: Is there anything in my chart that shows romance or children? (Can a birth chart show that kind of thing?) :joyful: Also, out of curiosity, does my chart show that...
  5. Not_Storage

    Please interpret my chart?

    The attachment is my natal chart done by, I've always wondered what my chart says about me, and my purpose in this life. And thank you for replying and taking the time to help me understand more of myself :)
  6. Not_Storage

    Chart interpretation.

    I'm new on here, and I posted a brief hello in the introduce yourself section. But I would love for someone to look at my birth-chart and tell me what they see. I'm born 12-19-1987 at 7:07am Kamloops BC, Canada. And if their is anything odd or rare or unique in my chart let me know. Do I get...
  7. Not_Storage

    Just wanna say Hello :)

    Just thought I'd say hello, and introduce myself. I'm a Sagittarius, in fact six of my signs are in Sagittarius. Aside from my Sun sign; Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and my Rising are in this sign. I've always wondered what kind of effect this has on a person. Any ideas?!:unsure: I've been...