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    Tired of all the challenges in my life

    Anyone else would like to help?
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    Childhood trauma and 4th house?

    Pluto is in Scorpio 29 degrees in my 4th house and I can say that I had a traumatic childhood. I wasn't abandoned or my parents were never separated though.
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    Thread for people with stelliums in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses

    I have my Uranus Neptune and mercury on the 6th house. Since two of them are not personal planets, can I still consider that as a stellium?
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    Dejavu on Natal Chart

    Do you think that you can tell if someone's prone to have dejavu from their natal chart? If yes what are some aspects of it?
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    Voice and Astrology

    Can confirm as a person with same placements in sextile :smile: I have a very deep voice and used to do announcing in school events or oral readings at class. I can sing too as an alto. I have been told that it's very "womanly" voice which that doesn't match with my young looking appearance.
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    Tired of all the challenges in my life

    Thank you som much for taking time :smile: You are right about that I should focus around a question but I wanted to learn how to interpret a birth chart as well. So I just want to see if I am on the right track. But overall my main question was at the end, I apologize if I wasn't clear. I just...
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    Tired of all the challenges in my life

    Hi, I am new to forum and recently got interested with astrology.I couldn't believe how explanatory my chart was on myself and some incidents in my life. As a beginner I would like you to correct my interpretations if they are wrong. All kinds of comments and interpretations are wholeheartedly...