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  1. mrs

    Graphic designs?!

    hello guys, i\ve been started recently some courses about graphic designs, I kind of like what I study, but I do want to know if it suites me well as I get bored very easily. Thank you very much. Any other insights are welcomed.
  2. mrs

    this relationship could have worked if happened???

    no one here to help me :(
  3. mrs

    this relationship could have worked if happened???

    hello everybody,
  4. mrs

    hard love life, why?

    can somebody say why she finds so difficult to find her soulmate. though she receives attention she can't start a relationship with anyone. she was in love 10 years ago, and still can't forget that love. now she's turning 34 years old and would like to settle down, but how? what's going on in...
  5. mrs

    astro romantic profile?!

    what do you think about?
  6. mrs

    is he serious about me?

    thanks guys ;)
  7. mrs

    is he serious about me?

    Is there somebody ???
  8. mrs

    is he serious about me?

    i know, there are hundreds of similar questions
  9. mrs

    guess my chart

    scorpio rising sun
  10. mrs

    I need someone to guess my moon sign…

    from what i read in your description, what i pretend to know in astrology, and a bit of intuition, i would also go for a fire sign, i think yu have aries moon ) aries are really focused on themselves, your desire to know yourself better, the way you are able to talk about yourself, as you...
  11. mrs

    Aries seeking Aquarius

    aquarius sun and venus, moon in capricorn.... I'm wondering if he feels anything at all?! hot as ice kind of boy ;) good luck )))
  12. mrs

    New born astrologic profile?!

    thank you very much!! I noticed she's very saturnian, but somehow i thought she might be very good in arts, like playing a piano, why not?! (sun conjunct venus and pisces moon).
  13. mrs

    New born astrologic profile?!

    hello to everyone! today my sister gave birth to an absolutely gorgeous baby girl!!!! i'm just very courious what can you say about her, what are are her strenghts and weaks? how would you describe her by the natal chart and make her astrological profile. (any opinion is welcomed) Thanks in advance!
  14. mrs

    retrograde in natal charts?!

    retrograde planets are said to be "very weak" planets, what if the weak planets are the greatest devils. how does influence retrograde planets an individual? Makes him weaker, or protects him from devil influence?!
  15. mrs

    Why I don't have love in my life?

    somehow i have noticed that almost all virgo moon people get very hard in a relationship. you are too pretentious, too exigent, and perfectionist. too much order, too many lists, and to many analysis of pros and cons may move you away from society, people don't like to be judged, they want to be...
  16. mrs

    Aquarius + pisces =?!

    highly compatible signs????!!! Hmmm, I've read, on the contrary, there are totally opposite, and maybe could manage a short term relationship, but a garanted failure in a long term one... but knowing that every chart has its 'personality', i thought to have a look and hear some opinions. thanks...
  17. mrs

    Aquarius + pisces =?!

    dcfxgg Hello, could you
  18. mrs

    is there astrology or not ?!

    oh, you're so right )))
  19. mrs

    is there astrology or not ?!

    hello everybody! i'm very fond of astrology for a couple of years. My job includes daily communication, continous interraction with new people, so i meet lots of different types of people and zodiac signs individuals, i like to notice their behaviour, how they respond in some circumstances, how...
  20. mrs

    Soulmates or not?

    thank you very much. honestly i was expecting to hear lots of worse things :D i actually wanted to break up this guy, sometimes he's just too good for me, his love is unmeasurable, he tries very hard to make me happy, to complement me, there are about 4 years as he fights to win my love, but...