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    Horary question: What is my ascendant?

    Pre-natal epoch Rectification worked for 4 charts, the one which did not was on my daugter's chart which i delivered her through c-section.
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    will i die soon ?

    Are you calling me a pathetic with no real life purpose because my questions in horary are weird (as you believe)?! If i was a rude person instead of polite i would dare to call you an arrogant, but no, i will just say thank you for answering to my horary question. A silly-weird-no purpose in...
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    will i die soon ?

    Of course is illegal and very very bad for anyone to push a person to comite suicide! But when an astrologer predict death in a chart, is that equal to push someone for suicide??? !!!
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    will i die soon ?

    Hi people, still alive! Ok, just kidding. I have read all of your answers and thank you. As for the matter of death predictions i think that if its proper for astrology to predict birth, or marriage, or job then its proper to predict death too.
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    will i die soon ?

    thank you. Which calculation do you use as part of death?
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    will i die soon ?

    I use the Moon+H8-Saturn and is 20Mars25 !! Conjucts the Mercury and Sun. My coordinates are 39N38 - 22E25
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    will i die soon ?

    My health and my life!
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    will i die soon ?

    Thank you Oddity! Thank you very much! I will never forget again the reception rule.
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    will i die soon ?

    My question is : Will i die soon ? (by soon i mean in a few months) I have a very intense feeling that i will die soon. By something unexpecting, like a heart attack, a stroke or by accident (airplane, car). I casted this horary and the chart confirms my feeling. -Mercury in 8th house, Mars...
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    I choose Mediteranian diet (and not because i am mediteranian woman). As i read and as far i can say is the best, you get the proteins you need, but not too much protein. Vegetables and fruits, and the most healthy: pure olive oil in salads and when you cook, you just add the oil minutes before...
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    Will i go for an interview?

    Thank you Sunrise. I will update with the answer, which is expecting about end of May. Its a long long proccess.
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    Will i go for an interview?

    I just applied for a job in E.U. The number of the application will be huge, so i have a tiny possibility to call me for an interview. The job is not in my country, my husband is already there. I dont want to leave my parents here but i cannot avoid it for a long time, we have to be there as a...
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    where is greybeard?

    What happened to poyi?
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    What is the benefits of Algol minima in everyday life? (if Algol is not present in someones chart)
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    Thank You dr. farr ~Much Appreciation For All Your Informative Comments On Our Forum

    A pray from me for you dr. farr. Get well!!!
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    *known outcome* will i move to SF area?

    I will give a try allthough i think you are going to laugh. You Moon, 3rd house Mercury, there is an oppo between Moon and Mercury. No Jupiter near the Asc but a retro one and conjuct by a separate aspect so no help. No Mercury on the end of 8th house. No Moon on the 2nd house, on Leo not so...
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    Will my daughter,i and my husband buy a house in abroad??

    Not only didn't buy a house abroad, but i have less less money now, almost no money.
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    Welcome saturn to Sagittarius and

    good bye tooth!!! He is ringing the bell on my Ascendant and break my tooth. A front tooth, and now i have a hole in my mouth. My dentist is on vacations and i must go to another one! The same teeth problem gave me when he entered Scorpio. By the way, when he was in Scorpio, it was bad bad bad...
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    does he loves me?

    horarymaster, I was not trying to fish for other answer beside the one i asked. (again, i have to look why you get another thing about me, which i am not :unsure:). I will not make another question about divorce, because is not my concern at this moment. So why to ask something i dont think is...