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  1. Xibalba89

    Daughter hearing voices

    This is why I hardly come here. There are a lot more gradients to the world than evil logic monkey scientist and gentile light vessel. [intimidating comment deleted. Moderator]
  2. Xibalba89

    Daughter hearing voices

    ^Seriously. Don't get so excited at the presence of possibilities that you forget to cover your bases with a bit of self protective logic.
  3. Xibalba89

    Birthday Profiles or Play by Play Readings

    Which do you think gives you a more 'holistic' view of your natal chart, a better snapshot of your inner world and persona? I have read several birthday profiles from websites and a few books, and find that some are spot on, while some are rather far off. Do the birthday ones do a better job at...
  4. Xibalba89

    Question on Progressions

    Thanks, EJ. I already gained a 'thorough' understanding (I guess... :tongue:) from the first thread I started regarding how to read / extract information from my natal chart. I was just curious as to see what the progressions meant with respect to my natal aspects.
  5. Xibalba89

    Which Sign is the most strongest one, most infulential one,

    Re: a few guide rules, to all I REALLY don't see why it matters. Know your chart. Lead your life.
  6. Xibalba89

    Question on Progressions

    Also, what do the aspects imply? When you lookup aspects, do you do this only for the natal or do progressed charts have any specific meaning as well?
  7. Xibalba89

    Why have I had no luck with men or friendships in general?

    Hmm.. well you have a nasty square between your Sun and Mars. Squares lend outer frustration by means of inner tension; i.e. there's something psychological that's affecting your inner attitudes, which in turn are affecting your outer image, which in turn are deciding who is drawn to (or not...
  8. Xibalba89

    Question on Progressions

    Hello all~ I wanted to know more about the nature of progressions. How do they relate to your original chart? I calculated a progression chart and noticed that almost all of my natal squares have changed. What does this mean for me? How do the aspects flow into each other?
  9. Xibalba89

    Deja Vu

    Hello. I'm Xibalba89, formerly known as Xibalba, who forgot both her original PW and email address. Yay me. So, welcome back, me! w00T!
  10. Xibalba89

    What would be an indicator of a "genuis" mind in a birth chart?

    Hmm...I definitely could associate some more positive feelings with my intelligence. I feel as though something is holding me back, but I just don't know what... My chart ...