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  1. GEMINI78

    "mental health" house and planets?

    I was just diagnosed with bipolar mania because I had a so called " manic" episode. I decided last month to quit my job sale all my belongings and move from PA to Texas to find better work. My new Phyc Doctor put me on a double dose of meds but I only take a single dose. I feel like his...
  2. GEMINI78

    Progressed Venus conjuct Sun ?????????

    Hi ,I'm curious what happened did you and the guy get serious? if you don't mind sharing. I have the same conjunction right now Progressed Sun conjunct Natal Venus H11 I also have Progressed Venus conjuct ASC both of my conjuctions are exact next month. I'm still singled.....
  3. GEMINI78

    Desperate - 33/F and unmarried

    Hi I never been married I just turned 36! I use to feel like you but I'm now realizing that if i feel a desperation about finding love i don't trust the universe to send it to me. I use to want it so bad I couldn't sleep at night it consumed me! So I understand your pain and desperation. I have...
  4. GEMINI78

    6 reasons you're single (Astrology)

    Gemini Sun conjunct Mercury 7th house Uranus Uranus rules the 3rd house. Mars in Leo conjuct ASC and Saturn I also have a Leo moon in 12H.My Venus in Cancer suffers the most longing for companionship lol.
  5. GEMINI78

    What Fire Sign is the MOST DISCIPLINED?Is it Aries?

    Leo , Leo's are a fixed sign
  6. GEMINI78

    Progressed sun conjuct natal venus experiences?

    My progressed Sun is 23D Cancer conjucting my natal Venus exact. I just found out im PREGNANT today im beyond shocked!!!!!! I also have progress Venus conjunct my ASC excact ......:andy:
  7. GEMINI78

    Looking at Progressions

    I use Solar Arcs for Progression the timing with Arcs+transits are more accurate. Upcoming Progression SP Moon crossing the Nadir Transiting Saturn square Moon SP Moon square Saturn Tr Saturn opp MC SA Venus conj Asc Tr Saturn crossing Descendant SA Sun conj Venus SA Venus=Mars The short...
  8. GEMINI78

    Marriage Aspects

    Five years Later........ I'm ready lol !!!!!!:joyful:
  9. GEMINI78

    anyone love Solar Arcs?

    SA Venus Conj ASC. SA Sun Conj Venus in 11H SA Mars Conj Pluto in 2H I have all three of these Solar Arcs aspects making an exact conjunction at the Same time the end of 2013. Venus conj ASC could be a time of...
  10. GEMINI78

    Absence of elements in your chart

    I have all mostly all Air and Fire elements and two waters. NO EARTH! I have an extremely hard time being discipline and grounded. I'm working on my weaknesses daily.
  11. GEMINI78

    Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

    I have a loaded 1st house, Saturn 25D Leo conjunct ASC 27D Leo and Mars 28D Leo. At birth I was fighting NOT to come in this world. I was born 3 months pre mature, with a heart condition,collapse lung, Pneumonia and Asthma. I weighed 2 pounds, so I had to stay in the hospital for 3months. My...
  12. GEMINI78

    Bitter Progressed Moon in Scorpio

    My progressed moon is at 10 scorpio its squaring my natal Sun. I'm FEELING EVERTHING and I hate it!!!! I don't trust people and I'm becoming more and more isolated. Strengths? I can finally stand up for myself! I stood up to my boss after 2 years of being passive and yesterday I yelled at the...
  13. GEMINI78

    Progressed sun conjuct natal venus experiences?

    Right now my progressed Sun is at 22Cancer it will make a exact conjunction to my natal Venus 23Cancer H11 next year. My progressed Venus is 26Leo it will make a exact conjunction to my ASC 27leo next year. Both of these aspects takes place at the SAME time in 2013.The Sun is illuminating your...
  14. GEMINI78

    Hard to Predict: When Will I Find Love?

    Jupiter enters are decan( Gemini 2) in August. I'm a 6/10 Gemini and I live in Philly also. We have Jupiter on are side now with one more week left with Venus things can only get better! Hope and wish for your heart desires the universe hears ya loud and clear!! Big Daddy Jupiter
  15. GEMINI78

    Promising things going on for 2013 and 2014 having problems posting my chart I'm currenttly single but not for long....its going down!!:w00t: You see how the Sun is...
  16. GEMINI78

    REGULUS, the Regal

    I have regulus conj my AC at 27 Leo and Mars 28Leo, I also have Saturn in the 12H at 25Leo, but I read it has to be with in 1-3 degrees to count as a conj.
  17. GEMINI78

    Solar Arc Directions, Summer Vs Winter

    I'm analyzing Solar Arc charts on, and I see that my Solar Arc for this year is off by 2 degrees. I'm 32, born in June 1978, but the Arc for this year is at 30 degrees. My sister is also 32(long story lol..) she was born in October 1978 and her Solar Arc for this year is right on 32...
  18. GEMINI78

    Sex addict

    He's a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(thank God)lol........:happy:
  19. GEMINI78

    Sex addict

    He told me he always uses protection, but I don’t be leave him. His main concern is ALL the money he will lose if his wife finds out and divorce him. He actually seems somewhat proud of himself for being able to cheat for twelve years and never get totally caught. I told him he should seek...
  20. GEMINI78

    Sex addict

    I have a good friend who's suffering from sex addiction. He's been married over 12 years. He told me he suffered from this addiction way befor he met spouse. He constantly seeks out strangers to have sexually relationships with,he even has a account on Adultfriendfinder. I'm worried for him and...