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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked about someone feelings for me.. :) I'm leaving The Strength
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked about how someone thinks about me... I'm leaving 9 of swords...sorry
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked about someone's feelings about me...and I think the card describes very well the situation....thanks I'm leaving the devil
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    will we have relationship with R?

    will Hi all, I'm confused with this horary
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    what kind of feelings for me?

    what kind Hi it's me again...with another question
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    How long relationship?

    Hi again, I'm very confused
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    Will we separate?

    Hi all, I have a question....
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    Can someone say something about this composite please
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    Lords of the Geniture in our Charts.

    Interesting thread, I know almuten for me is Mercury, but if help me with LoG I will be thankful
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    Hi all, :)
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    Why i feel insecure?

    I didn't read all the answer from others, but I see Venus in Scorpio conjunct Pluto(it is about the bad choices). Venus is about our choices and wanting, our desires...but these desires are not our true feelings...I've seen venus in Scorpio in many charts and all the people have problems with...
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    Does R loves me?

    Does Hi all, I've been away for long time .
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    my question is: will the relationship with my husband ruin? sorry for the wordorder if not right I did some bad things.....which are still secret and I hope they will remain secret from him.....but i'm afraid......because I can't never be sure about that... the Sun looks very positive card for...
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    Extreme charts

    I don't know if my chart is extreme...but I see it and feel it very hard to handle.... oppositions, squares, strong Scorpio/Pluto and saturn energy, much water and almost no air and fire...benefics are afflicted, Mars in fall, Moon in fall, Sun and Moon afflicted..... hard energy ....
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    How Do You Relate to Others?

    P 4 IP 3 TP 3 I guess it is important which planets in which signs are + the aspects between the planets and the zones that they occupy .... :smile: I'm very subjective.....
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    Passive Aggression

    Mars in cancer poorly aspected...I feel it like Mars only conjunct Sun 6 degree orb..... the Sun gets an opposition from Neptune..... I don't know if it affect Mars when it conjunct Sun.....:confused:
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    chart pattern

    Thank you all :smile: Saturn and Pluto both are very strong in my chart .... have to be careful with their energy :smile:
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    Woah guys try this!!

    if I got it right I'm extra susceptible to Saturn and Pluto energy... in my natal Saturn Rules ASC and is very important because it is part from a T-square and conjunct South Node...and Pluto conjunct Moon, trine Sun, square Mercury and hold most of the planets in my chart.... and what about...
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    Scorpio MC

    Pluto energy is hard to handle and operate ... water is hard to handle .....
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    Get Your Stichomancy Readings Here!

    Thanks SagiCap, I think the key is in my first question and answer ... Thank you :smile: