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  1. Avalon Faye

    Playlist of the Week(music)

    This song is so beautiful, captivating, romantic, and I love it so much!
  2. Avalon Faye

    Playlist of the Week(music)

    Ahhhhh this is so cute!!!!
  3. Avalon Faye

    Where are my fellow Dogs??🐕 ❤️ (Chinese Astro)

    Me!!! Born in 2006, year of the doggie!!! Woof woof 🐶❤️
  4. Avalon Faye

    Which signs has the biggest booty?

    i am confident to say I have a nice hourglass slim figure with bigger buttocks and chest area but not everyone has that luxury, I know someone with my sign that all are shaped differently. It’s interesting to know how and why they’re different from me! 🤗 Btw, I’m a Libra !
  5. Avalon Faye

    Fattest sign in the zodiac??

    Any sign can be fat.. I think everyone is beautiful just the way they are 🥰
  6. Avalon Faye

    UwU Looking for friends hehe 🥰

    UwU Looking for friends hehe 🥰
  7. Avalon Faye

    Hello Everyone 🥰

    Thank you! Let’s be friends <3
  8. Avalon Faye

    Hello Everyone 🥰

    Hi everyone! My name is Avalon Faye <3 I don’t have any experience in astrology but would love to learn! Im a Capricorn~ My moon is Pisces and my rising sign is Libra :) I hope I get to learn more about myself and others as well! I will love to learn and make friends too!!